`Every fifth Moscow resident has heart disease`

There are some 2,800,000 heart patients in Moscow, as per a leading cardiologist.

Moscow: One in five Moscow residents
suffer from cardiovascular diseases, a leading Russian
cardiologist has said.

"There are some 2,800,000 cardiovascular patients in
Moscow, of whom one million have cardio ischemia and almost
900,000 - high blood pressure," Dr David Ioseliani said.

"Regrettably, these diseases are becoming more frequent,"
he acknowledged. He confirmed that this tendency was not
limited to Moscow alone but was seen in other cities as well.

Death rate from cardiovascular diseases ranks fifth in
the overall death rate structure, he said, adding that efforts
to decrease mortality from heart attack were bringing positive

While, the general death rate from heart attacks is 18-19
per cent, medical treatment at specialised departments brings
this figure down to 12-13 per cent.

According to the Cardiologist, thrombolytic therapy has
been successfully applied since 2009. Specialised ambulance
teams equipped with medicines to dissolve clots of blood have
helped in preventing many deaths. He also saw the need for
more life-saving drugs in the market.


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