Sania wedding fuels Indo-Pak civilian rivalry

Hours after Sania- Shoaib wedding news spread like wild fire, there are many a-heart on fire in India.

Last Updated: Mar 30, 2010, 20:41 PM IST

Himanshu Shekhar/

New Delhi/ Sialkot: Hours after Sania- Shoaib wedding news spread like wild fire, there are many a-heart on fire in India where the news has been nothing short of a setback for the scores of hopeful youngsters and has ruffled the feathers of the hawks of India-Pakistan ties.

While the news has evoked frenzied celebrations in Pakistan where crowds turned in huge numbers outside Shoaib Malik’s house, lighting crackers and dancing to the drum beats, in India the general mood is far from rosy.

The Shiv Sena has not taken the development lightly and has cast serious aspersions on the duo’s compatibility, considering the personal turmoil which has grappled Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik in the recent past.

A report published in Sena’s mouth piece Saamna remarked, “India’s Sania Mirza has fallen out with her countryman Sohrab Mirza in order to settle down with Pakistan’s Shoaib Malik.”
Strong reactions have also been pouring in from the netizens across the globe.

Reacting to the developing story, Rajiv from New Delhi commented on, “India, is the second most populated nation and she (Sania Mirza) has to go and marry a Pakistani! Pathetic! No wonder she isn’t making any progress in her tennis rankings.”

Bharat from Noida, though, had a different opinion on the matter, “Hi, Congratulations to Sania and Shoaib. I really don`t understand the hue and cry made on this matter. This is there personal decision and they should be supported for that. This marriage should be seen as a stepping stone for a better Indo Pak relationship. This also doesn’t mean that there are no good bachelors in India or bachelorette in Pakistan. This is just about two individuals liking each other. I wish both of them good luck and may there diminishing carriers take a U turn,” he commented.

Sam from Mumbai appealed to look at the matter not from the prism of India-Pak ties. “Iam Indian Muslim and proud of being an Indian. I work out of India where I meet and do business with many nationality (people); there are even Pakistanis with whom we deal. If relationship between India and Pakistan is not good, (it) does not mean that I should stop talking to them or stop business… so it is b***** to say that to talk to Pakistanis or falling in love with them makes you anti –national. That’s one personal choice and when time comes, we all have to defend our motherland together,” he declared.

Even girls across India were not silent on the whole news as Sunita from Navi, Mumbai wrote, “What Sania Mirza was, is because of India, we made her queen....but she chose to be A Pakistani.... God Bless her, don`t worry Sania, we are not going to miss you... you are not worthy of that.”