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Shoaib Malik in trouble; Ayesha produces Nikahnama

In the latest twist in the Sania - Shoaib wedding saga, Ayesha Siddiqui, alleged wife of Malik, has sent her Nikahnama to a Pak channel.

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Karachi: In the latest twist in the Sania Mirza- Shoaib Malik wedding saga, Ayesha Siddiqui, alleged first wife of Malik, has sent her Nikahnama (wedding certificate) through an email to a Pakistani news channel to prove her point.

The latest email to a Pakistan news channel also purportedly claimed that she was married to Shoaib Malik for a Meher of Rs 500.

The marriage certificate (Nikahnama) was shown by several Pakistani television channels and apparently contained the signatures of Shoaib Malik on the column for the groom and the name of Maha Siddiqui on the column for the bride.

"I have released this marriage certificate because Shoaib
and his family have constantly been denying this marriage,"
Ayesha told the `Duniya` channel from Hyderabad.

While the Siddiqui family claims Shoaib is married to
their daughter Ayesha and Indian tennis star Sania Mirza would
be his second wife if they go ahead with the marriage, the
Pakistani cricketer and his family have constantly denied that
he ever entered into any wedlock with Ayesha.

Muhammad Siddiqui, the girl`s father, has threatened to
sue Malik and also seek a fatwa against him from Ulemas.

Ayesha said that she had released the Nikahnama because
it proved that the marriage did take place.

"They are signatures of witnesses on the certificate and
Shoaib sent me a copy for signature and a Haq Mahar amount of
Pakistani 500 rupees," she said.

She said that Shoaib had always been unhappy with her
weight problems and for his sake, she had even gone and had an
operation in New Delhi.

"But I am devastated the way he is constantly denying
everything. I have nothing against Sania but the truth must
come out," Ayesha said.

Imran Zafar Malik, Shoaib`s brother-in-law, however,
dismissed the marriage certificate as a fake and said when no
Nikah ceremony ever took place the document had no value at

"I don`t want to say anything more except that Ayesha is
a very talented girl and she is being misguided by some
people," he said.

Zafar also said that the Siddiqui family had left them no
choice but to purse legal action against them in India.

“I have all the necessary documents to prove that Shoaib Malik is my husband. We have stayed away from each other for our respective careers, and if he wants to marry anyone he should first publicly divorce me,” Ayesha had earlier told Zee News.

Adding further Ayesha claimed, “I was the one who introduced Sania Mirza to Shoaib Malik and after being successful Shoaib has decided to dump me. I am also shocked at the way Shoaib’s family has behaved on the whole episode.”

She further said she wanted a formal public divorce from Shoaib.
Indo-Pak tug of war over Sania Mirza

A new war has broken out between traditional rivals India and Pakistan. It is neither over Kashmir nor on the cricketing field. The tussle is over India’s tennis icon Sania Mirza’s future: whether she will play for India or represent her sasural, Pakistan, on court.

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While Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) has issued a resounding appeal to Sania to play for Pakistan, the same has been rejected by the All India Tennis Association (AITA).

PTF chief Dilawar Abbas has said that India’s tennis sensation Sania Mirza should represent Pakistan in international tennis tournaments after entering into wedlock with cricketer Shoaib Malik.
“It is great news for our tennis community that Sania Mirza is getting married to Shoaib Malik. We welcome her and hope that she would become a Pakistani national and play for us in future. She has a great future ahead and we would be delighted if she plays for Pakistan,” a leading newspaper quoted Abbas, as saying.

“Asian women traditionally follow their husbands which is why I’m hopeful that someday she would be inspired by Shoaib to play for Pakistan,” he added.

However, All India Tennis Association (AITA) has issued a statement confirming her participation for India till the 2012 Olympics.

"Sania Mirza and her parents have informed AITA that she will continue to play for India after her marriage with Shoaib Malik," AITA secretary-general Anil Khanna said.

"She has confirmed to be a part of the Indian team in the 2010 Commonwealth Games at Delhi (October 2010), XVI Asian Games at Guangzhou, China (November 2010), 2011 Fed Cup (February 2011), 2012 Olympics at London (July/August 2012)."

Sania has, however, already made it clear that she would continue representing India even after her marriage. Talking to Zee News, her father Imran Mirza said that she would surely play for India and not Pakistan.

Abbas said that even if Sania decides to continue playing for India, he hopes that she would associate herself with Pakistan tennis at some point of time.

“She can encourage our girls to take up tennis, she can inspire them to become world class players. We would hope that Sania would lend a helping hand to women’s tennis in Pakistan,” he said.
Abbas even suggested that Sania could team up with Pakistan’s Aisam-ul-Haq on the mixed-doubles circuit.

“Both Sania and Aisam are really good doubles players. I believe that their team would not just achieve great results internationally but will also help bridge the gap between India and Pakistan,” he said.

Sania, however, has made it clear that she would continue representing India at the international level even after marrying the former Pakistan captain later this month.

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