This Valentine`s, dare to flirt!

A new year, pleasant weather, new leaves on the trees and a new passion in hearts; love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is here again.

Sharique N Siddiquie

A new year, pleasant weather, new leaves on the trees and a new passion in hearts; love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is here again. For people who already have a special someone in their life, it is time for planning yet another assault on their pocket but for the singles, it is time to rock and have some harmless fun.

For all the singles who still have scope of meeting the love of their life, here we present top flirting tips that will help them mingle in style. These tips will not only help you get hooked for V-Day, but will also save you the embarrassment of being rejected! Follow them and rest is as they say is ‘destiny’…

For Women

Look into his eyes: It is a tendency of men to stare at women they like but if you want to drop that hint to the cute boy you just noticed or the handsome hunk who’s staring at you, then just keep the eye contact for a few moments. He is bound to know your intentions.

Approach him: Gone are the days when it was a man’s prerogative to approach a woman. In this age of female liberation, a woman can confidently approach a man. There is nothing wrong in saying a simple ‘Hi’. The man will get surprised, but is sure to like your attitude.

Don’t be a snob: If you strike a conversation with a man, just be polite. Acting snobbishly or showing him down won’t make you look ‘cool’. Respect the man if you want to be respected.

Let him pay the bill: If he insists on paying the bill, let it be. Don’t insist on paying the bill a lot or force him to go dutch. In India, it is acceptable (and even expected of) for guys to pay and men still like it that ways. Good for you, eh.

Drop the hints: If you already like him then its your job to let him know how you feel. You don’t need to go overboard with it, just drop subtle hints. Praising his looks, intelligence, sense of humour and dressing sense will certainly get the message across.

For Men

Go ahead, ask her: This is Valentine’s Day and a girl never gets angry if you politely ask her for a drink so don’t be scared. Just come over and ask her. If she is single, she won’t mind a date unless you are too direct or ‘fast’. You know what I mean…

Be chivalrous: It is the best trait of all gentlemen. Open the door for her, pull the chair for her, make her feel comfortable in your company- these things count a lot as they showcase your manners. She will fall for the caring handsome prince in you.

Don’t be flirty: You heard it right. Even though this article is over flirting, you are advised not be overtly flirty. Women are sensitive creatures, so treat them nicely. Being a flirt never means being ‘cool’.

No cheap talk please: You should also refrain from making any sexual overtures when you are just trying to hook up. This includes adult jokes which should not be your pick-up or first line. Girls normally don’t find it nice. There is a very fine line between being seductive and pervert and you better not cross that limit.

Be at your wittiest best: Sense of humour is a big turn on for women. You should make her laugh as women get attracted to men who can do that.

These are the tips that can get you hitched this Valentine’s Day but if you don’t find your date, don’t be disappointed. It is ‘in’ to be single. After all, Ranbir, Shahid, Priyanka, Deepika, all are single this season (or so they say)!

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