‘Visiting villages part of BJP leaders` lifestyle’

Former BJP national president Rajnath Singh said for leaders of his party doing that was not a "picnic" but part of a lifestyle.

Lucknow: Taking a dig at Congress general
secretary Rahul Gandhi visiting villages, former BJP national
president Rajnath Singh today said for leaders of his party
doing that was not a "picnic" but part of a lifestyle.

"Rahul goes to villages and stays there..I would like to
say that visiting villages is not a picnic for BJP leaders, it
is part of our lifestyle and Congress people should understand
this," Singh told reporters here.

He said that BJP leaders have emerged from rural
backgrounds and among poor and farmers. "We are well aware of
the problems of villages, farmers and the poor".
The senior BJP leader alleged that after Congress led UPA
government came to power, inflation hit new heights.

"Unfortunately Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi or any other
Congress leader is not saying a single word on this. After
coming to power, the government promised to control prices in
100 days, but even 1,000 days have passed it has failed to do
so," he alleged.

He alleged that Rahul Gandhi can see elephant eating the
money, but he is unable to see problems being faced by common
people due to price rise.

Rajnath alleged that while serious allegations were
levelled against SP and BSP government, Congress took no
action as it was taking support from them.
"Rahul had said yesterday that after assembly elections,
Congress will not take support from SP or BSP. I would like to
ask him that if he is honest in his statement, then Rahul
should ask the Prime Minister to return letter of support to
President," he said.

The BJP leader alleged that SP, BSP and Congress created
new records of corruption during their respective governments.

"There could be nothing more shameful than central
ministers going to jail one after another. BJP also ran the
government and I would like to ask all the three parties that
they must tell even in a single case of corruption," he said.

He said that issue of Karnataka CM was being raised
again and again, but he resigned immediately after Lokayukta
report came.

"In CWG case, Shunglu committee raised fingers on
Delhi CM, but she did not resigned," he alleged.