Washing machine `the best time-saving invention`

Women voted for washing machine and men, it`s the computer, says a survey.

London: It`s what most women would agree to -- washing machine is their favourite time-saving gadgetary invention ever. And for men, it`s the computer, says a survey.

Yes, 32 per cent women have voted the washing machine as the best time-saving invention ever while blokes chose the computer in the survey by Internet service provider Hotmail.

The mobile phone came in third overall -- a plus for both sexes -- followed by the dishwasher and the microwave, the `Daily Express` reported.

A watch that freezes time was voted the ultimate time- saver of the future in the survey, while a Hairwush emerged as another exciting time-saving invention.

The Hairwush, designed to wash, condition, dry and brush your hair in one go, was dreamt up by 45-year-old Chloe Eyre of Bedford, who beat 8,000 others for 10,000-pound prize.

She said: "I hate rushing and having to wash, dry and style my hair so I invented something that can do all three in one go."

Other ideas included a calculator that recognises the ingredients in your fridge, then suggests appropriate recipes.


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