WikiLeaks has uncovered factual face of Pak politicians: LHC

Justice Saeed of LHC also declared WikiLeaks reports were based on facts.

Lahore: A Pakistani judge has said that
the secret US diplomatic cables released by the whistle-blower
website WikiLeaks have uncovered the "factual face of
politicians" in the country and would help the people
understand the "real mindset of our rulers".

Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed of the Lahore High Court,
who rejected a petition seeking a ban on WikiLeaks earlier
this week, said in his detailed judgement: "Access to facts
and the truth cannot be denied to the citizens of Pakistan."

He observed that the "WikiLeaks reports didn`t harm or
damage the nation or the common person; rather it helped the
nation understand the real mindset of our rulers".

He also wrote in the judgement: "Nothing is greater
than the truth and whatever WikiLeaks has published now, the
Pakistani media had been revealing to the masses already."

The judge further declared the WikiLeaks reports were
based on facts.

The reports were shameful for some personalities of
the country as they had depicted the bitter facts, he

Lawyer Arif Gondal had filed the petition seeking a
ban on WikiLeaks.

He contended that cables about Pakistan and Islamic
states were leaked by the whistle-blowing website to create
tensions and sour ties between these countries.

He also contended that the reports maligned the
Pakistani leadership and the military and a ban should be
imposed on their publication and broadcast in any manner.

But Justice Saeed observed: "No contradiction of the
WikiLeaks cables has come till now by the government, any of
its departments or politicians in the country because it spoke
about the real tale."

He said the reports were based on communications
between US diplomats and Pakistani politicians and "show back
the mirror to them and it is hard to contradict the same".

He also noted that if his court could not restrain 178 countries from publishing the reports, then why should it
impose restriction on their publication in Pakistan.

The judge said Pakistanis too deserve to hear the
truth and facts.

"We need to face the realities eye to eye," he said.

The judge further said his court could not restrict
the publication of these reports if they were being broadcast
or printed by the BBC, CNN, FOX News and Times or Tribune

The judge also referred to anchorpersons of various TV
channels in Pakistan and said: "They have been communicating
these facts to the masses through their programmes which now
are coming forth in detail through the secret cables."