WikiLeaks: Hillary promises `aggressive action`

Hillary Clinton came out in the open to defend her country’s foreign policy.

Zeenews Bureau

Washington: At a time the world is red-faced over the explosive WikiLeaks revelations and alleged American double standard, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton came out in the open to defend her country’s foreign policy.

"I will not comment on or confirm what are alleged to be stolen State Department cables," Clinton said of the 250,000 documents being released by the whistleblowing website.
"But I can say that the United States deeply regrets the disclosure of any information that was intended to be confidential, including private discussions between counterparts or our diplomats` personal assessments and observations.
"I want to make clear that our official foreign policy is not set through these messages, but here in Washington."

Clinton, who has herself been accused of encouraging US diplomats to engage in espionage said, “The US strongly condemns the leak of American diplomacy”.

The US secretary of States was addressing a press conference at Washington DC. “WikiLeaks is an attack on US foreign policy…It can’t and does not happen again. The US deeply regrets the leak of secret documents”.

"I would also add that to the American people and to our friends and partners, I want you to know that we are taking aggressive steps to hold responsible those who stole this information," she said.

WikiLeaks claims it has released the information to "reveal the contradictions between the US`s public persona and what it says behind closed doors" and to encourage citizens to push for more information about what goes on "behind the scenes".

The most shocking revelation so far is the pressure put on the US by Arabic states to take pre-emptive action against Iran before it develops nuclear weapons.

The WikiLeaks hit the Indo-US ties as one of the disclosures revealed that the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called India a ‘self appointed’ UNSC frontrunner and ordered spying of the country’s bid to become a permanent member of the body.