A Dialogue With JC: PM Narendra Modi's choice of Presidential candidate 'will send message to the world', says Najma Heptulla

It's a tell-all interview of Dr Najma Heptulla. 

A Dialogue With JC: PM Narendra Modi's choice of Presidential candidate 'will send message to the world', says Najma Heptulla

New Delhi: It's a tell-all interview of Dr Najma Heptulla. 

This week Dr. Najma Heptulla will be the guest in Zee Regional Channels' special show 'A Dialogue with JC'. 

Dr. Heptulla fluently answered all the questions put by Zee Regional Channel's CEO Jagdish Chandra. 

Dr. Heptulla who started her public life as an MP of Upper House in 1980 answered directly to the question on her quitting Congress. According to her she was not getting that respect in Congress which she got in BJP.

When she met Narendra Modi
Dr. Heptulla said, she met PM Modi for the first time in Gujarat when the devastating earthquake struck the state during Keshubhai Patel's tenure. Dr. Heptulla praised PM Modi for working at the grassroots level in all the areas. She said, it is very important to audit work rather than only money. She said, PM Modi echoes her thinking that people should not be seen between majority and minority but only between rich and poor. 

According to her, she is impressed by PM Modi's mantra 'Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas'.

On Triple Talaq issue

On the issue of Triple talaq, she said PM Modi is speaking on behalf of Muslim women. 

Dr. Heptulla said, she had congratulated Muslim men for giving their women the freedom to vote freely in UP elections. She said, she had struggled all her life for the rights of Muslim women. She echoed the voice of the centre government and said Triple Talaq should be scrapped immediately as it is only a medium of oppression. According to Dr. Heptulla, it is contradictory that we are living in the ages of Facebook and Whatsapp and we are favouring a 1400 years old ritual. 

She said only the supreme court can decide on this issue and not the personal law board as it is only an NGO.

On Manipur elections

Dr. Heptulla side-lined this allegation that she had not invited the single largest party in Manipur. She said, she only had worked in favour of a stable government. She said her relationships were equally good with the present CM and his predecessor.

Speaking on Manipur, she said, backwardness and roads are the main issues there. She praised Minister of Transport Mr. Nitin Gadkari for the highway via north east and Myanmar to Thailand. She also stressed on the fact that world's highest bridge is also being build in Manipur. She said, she is also working on agriculture and organic farming in the state. She appreciated that there were no economic blockade and no bomb blasts in the state now.

On Presidential polls

Dr Heptulla declined and said she never talked to BJP President Amit Shah on making her the candidate in President and Vice President elections. She also said that PM Modi will not waste this opportunity and this Presidential election will send a message to the world.

On Kashmir issue

Speaking on the conditions prevailing in Kashmir Dr. Heptulla said the situation is not that bad as shown in media. 

FULL INTERVIEW - 'A DIALOGUE WITH JC-DR. NAJMA HEPTULLA' will be aired on Saturday 9.30 PM and Sunday 2.30 PM on Zee network channels