Blue Whale Challenge, Choking Game and other deadly online crazes

Updated: Aug 11, 2017, 17:37 PM IST
Blue Whale Challenge, Choking Game and other deadly online crazes
Blue Whale Challenge, Choking Game and other deadly online crazes

The existence of a game as deadly as the Blue Whale Challenge has taken many by surprise. Parents are surprised that kids, as young as 12, are being psychologically manipulated into such games.

Social and peer pressure can easily overtake teens and force them to partake in dangerous online games. But it's not always about pressure. Sometimes, kids tend to experiment, taking part in dangerous games for the sake of fun and thrill. Most importantly, details of these games are kept under wraps. Most parents are unaware and get to know about these games only after something goes wrong.

Below, we have listed a few such deadly online games that are played by teens secretly across the world.


1. Blue Whale Challenge

Originating in Russia, the dangerous online game has already claimed one victim in India. More reports of Indian teenagers partaking in the game has subsequently emerged. In the Blue Whale Challenge, players are assigned a series of tasks over a period of 50-days. Tasks include watching horror movies, waking up at unusual hours and body-mutilation. The final task involves suicide by jumping off the terrace or building. Throughout the game, participants share evidence of completing the challenge with photographs. Blue Whale Challenge has reportedly claimed lives of hundreds of teenagers across the world.


2. Choking Game

Choking game, also known as the knockout challenge and the fainting game, is another deadly social media game that has enthralled teenagers across the world. This game has been existing for over two decades, with several studies being conducted around it.

Children and adolescents – sometimes alone or in groups - try to strangle themselves, getting a "rush of euphoria" while regaining consciousness. The goal is to restrict blood flow to the brain and reach the point or actually lose consciousness. The game can cause severe brain damage and in some cases, death.

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3. The Salt and Ice Challenge

Played mostly by teenagers, the game involves pouring salt on themselves (mostly on hands), followed by immediately placing ice on the salt. The action causes a “burning” sensation. The idea is to bear the pain for the longest time. The entire action is filmed and then uploaded on the web. The ice, water and salt mixture is lethal potentially and can cause serious second and third-degree injuries, similar to a frostbite.

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4. Cinnamon challenge

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A viral internet food game, both adults and teens have participated in the cinnamon challenge. The objective is to film while stuffing a spoonful of ground cinnamon in under 60 seconds without drinking anything. The challenge is dangerous, difficult and can cause severe health risks. Ground cinnamon tends to dry and coat the mouth and throat. It can cause coughing, gagging, vomiting, breathing difficulties, and collapsed lung while inhaling it can cause several irritation.


5. Condom Challenge

Similar to the choking game, participants fill condoms with water like a balloon and tie it at the end. Then, one participant drops it on another head. While the results can be hilarious, there have been some cases of not-so-happy-ending, with teenagers being hospitalized.

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6. Butt chugging

Butt chugging or alcohol enema is a highly dangerous game. Mostly played by adults or college-goers, the game involves pouring alcohol into the rectum. This leads to faster intoxication since alcohol is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. An extremely dangerous game, it can cause severe alcohol poisoning, tissue damage and even death. Photos of the game are often shared in secret groups



7. The Fire Challenge

Fire challenge is another such dangerous online game. Participants apply combustible liquids on the body and then it on fire. The entire action, followed by the aftermath, is then posted online. Needless to say, it's an extremely dangerous game, with many participants suffering second-degree burns.


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