BSF goes hi-tech: How Cobra wire prevents infiltration at Indo-Pak border

Hand-held thermal imager technique helps the BSF keep Indo-Pak border safe. 

BSF goes hi-tech: How Cobra wire prevents infiltration at Indo-Pak border

New Delhi: The post of Border Security Force (BSF) at Hindumalkot in Rajasthan is as hi-tech as it can get. The post is one of the most sensitive in the world and the BSF mans it round the clock. 

The dog squad team also contributes majorly to in keeping the border safe here. 

As per details accessed Zee Media, HHTI (hand-held thermal imager) technique is being used in the Hindumalkot border post. It works on the theory of heat detection system and helps the security personnel to see images almost akin to daytime. 

In the control room at the Indo-Pak border, the hi-tech gadgets help in the good visibility upto 3-4 kilometres after sunset. Any movement or person can be detected with the help of these gadgets. 

The BSF is also using other new ways for fool-proof security and Cobra wire is one of them. Cobra wire gives out high voltage current and it is used in between the fencing at the border.  

This is said to be a major deterrent when it comes to infiltration bids by Pakistan. An intruder becomes unconscious when comes in contact with Cobra wire when trying to cut the fencing.  

Searchlights and HHTI are used to keep an eye on any living beings in the vicinity. And the dog squad helps to keep keeping an eye on any movement near the border. The dogs in these squads are trained to specifically patrol at night. 

In August 2017, BSF chief DG KK Sharma had said that sealing the Indian border with Pakistan was an immediate 'priority' and a smart technology- aided fence would be in place along the Jammu sector by March 2018.