Apple unveils 4-inch iPhone SE, iPad Pro and CareKit: As it happened...

Said to be the most powerful 4-inch iPhone, the iPhone SE has been priced at USD 399 and will be available in 110 countries by March 31. However, orders for the same will start March 24.

Last Updated: Tuesday, March 22, 2016 - 16:55

New Delhi/San Fransisco: In line with expectations, tech giant Apple Inc on Monday unveiled the 4-inch iPhone SE, iPad Pro, updated iOS 9.3 and a wrist watch.

The company also launched CareKit for Parkinson diseases.

Touted as the most powerful 4-inch iPhone, the iPhone SE has been priced at USD 399 and will be available in 110 countries by March 31. However, orders for the same will start March 24.

Though it looks much like iPhone 5S and iPhone 6S, the iPhone SE is said an LTE speed that is 50 percent faster than iPhone 5S.

Apple also introduced a new iPad Pro which has been priced at USD 399.

For a detail of the launch event and the products, kindly go through the LIVE Blog given below.

21 March 2016, 23:43 PM

"We can't wait to see what's in store the next 40 years," Cook says as Apple completes 40 years of existence.

And that's it from all of us here at Zee Business.

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21 March 2016, 23:41 PM

Cook is back and is recapping what we saw today.

The iPad Pro is an amazing choice and it allows you to do so much more, he says. We are always pushing forward, he adds.

He thanks everyone for being there today morning.


21 March 2016, 23:40 PM

The 9.7-inch iPad Pro has been excitingly offered at USD 599 for 32GB, USD 749 for the 128GB.

The 256GB version has been priced at $899, the highest storage capacity for iOS.

21 March 2016, 23:37 PM

The iPad Pro supports a great line of accessories and you can use a pencil to draw on it like you do on paper.

The 12MP camera is also great for photo lovers and a Retina flash for better picture. You can shoot 4K video with it too.

It comes in four colours of Silver, gold, space grey and rose gold.



21 March 2016, 23:34 PM

And the best part? It comes with an incredible level of performance supported by fastest chip ever A9X.

It is also embedded with M9 coprocessor. Supports "Hey Siri"

You can talk to it and ask it to open your mail.

21 March 2016, 23:32 PM

The new iPad Pro will start at USD 399.

Some of the interesting features:

  • Has a Pro display. Oxide TFT display driven by custom Apple timing controller.
  • 40% less reflective and 25% brighter than iPad Air 2.
  • Works with NightShift.
  • Comes with True Tone.
  • 4 speakers working in a stereo system.



21 March 2016, 23:28 PM

Schiller takes a dig at Microsoft.

The majority of people coming to iPad Pro come from Windows, he says.

There's a second group of people we'd love to reach with this new iPad Pro. Windows Users, he says.

21 March 2016, 23:26 PM

Phil Schiller, head of marketing, is up on stage and is talking up about iPad Pro.

People love iPad Pro. It is a revolutionary device, he says.

He introduces the new iPad that weighs less than one pound.


21 March 2016, 23:23 PM

Next in line is the iOS 9.3 and can be updated today for free.

It has come with interesting updates and features..

21 March 2016, 23:19 PM

This is the most powerful 4-inch iPhone, Greg Joswiak says.

Priced at USD 399, the SE will be available at USD 17 a month for monthly payments.

Order starts March 24 and will be available in the market by March 31.

It will be available in 111 countries by the March 31.

21 March 2016, 23:16 PM

Some interesting features of the iPhone SE are:

  • 12MP iSight camera with focus pixels and true tone flash
  • can even capture 4K video
  • LTE speeds 50% faster than the iPhone 5S
  • Comes with IDTouch for Security
  • In-built Apple Pay for secure and safe payment


21 March 2016, 23:05 PM

It looks very much like iPhone 5S and iPhone 6S.

The heart of the iPhone SE is our chip. Our amazing A9 chip with is embedded M9 processor, he says.

21 March 2016, 23:04 PM

By the way, Joswiak is head of iPhone marketing.

And yes, it is iPhone SE

21 March 2016, 23:02 PM

Greg Joswiak is now up on stage to talk about the iPhone.

Usually it is Phil Schiller who gets to talk about iPhone.

30 million 4-inch iPhones sold in 2015, he informs.

21 March 2016, 23:01 PM

Tim Cook now talks about iPhone.

Now I'd like to talk about iPhone. iPhone is the most loved smartphone in the world. Today we're welcoming a new member to the iPhone family, Cook says.


21 March 2016, 22:59 PM

Apple TV is up next.

We have 5,000 apps on the App Store, Cook says.

21 March 2016, 22:56 PM

Cook introduces some brand new colors made from a whole new material.

They come in four colours: Blue, Pink, Yellow and Black

21 March 2016, 22:55 PM

Tim Cook is back on stage and it is time for Apple Watch.

Since we launched it less than a year ago, the Apple Watch has become the top selling smartwatch in the world, Cook says.

He is talking about how people loves the Watch and has become a part of customer's live.

21 March 2016, 22:53 PM

The CareKit comes with an App that has a checklist of things for you to do each day. Symptom and measurement tracker.

This is your list of things to do, not to do. ... Adherence to this is notoriously very poor. Using the CareKit modules, we've been working with Texas Medical Cente, Williams informs.

21 March 2016, 22:51 PM

So, CareKit is for Parkinson's diseases.

The very first CareKit app being released today is for Parkinson's, Williams says.

21 March 2016, 22:50 PM

When we introduced ResearchKit, our goal was simply to improve medical research, he says.

Hope it is well done, he adds.

But today, we are launching CareKit, Williams says.

21 March 2016, 22:48 PM

The ResearhKit is opening up all possibilities on health related maters, Williams says.

Well! It's video time to learn more about ResearchKit.

Williams is back on stage again.

21 March 2016, 22:43 PM

Jeff Williams, chief operating officer, takes the stage to talk about progress with ResearchKit which the company had launch last year.

Last year we introduced ResearchKit. Our goal was to use technology to solve some of the biggest problems facing medical research, he says.

21 March 2016, 22:43 PM

Cook is back on stage again.

He talks about environment too and then shifts to the topic of health.

The second initiative we'd like to talk about is health, Cook says.

21 March 2016, 22:41 PM

Interesting! A robot named 'Liam' deconstructs old iPhones so that parts can be reused.

A lot of solar, renewable and reuse topics.

21 March 2016, 22:39 PM

Apple is showing video of recycling it gadgets. Main focus appears to be reuse and recycle.

21 March 2016, 22:38 PM

Currently 93% of our facilities worldwide run on renewable energy, she says.

Just last year we reached our goal of using 100% renewable power to power our operations in the US as well as our offices and stores in China, Jackson adds.

21 March 2016, 22:37 PM

We think about environment and there's not better challenge than climate change, says Jackson.

She is talking about renewable and solar energy.

21 March 2016, 22:35 PM

Lisa Jackson is on stage to talk about environment..

21 March 2016, 22:34 PM

Cook also talks about Apple privacy case with the US government.

"I'd like to address something that's on the minds of everyone this morning."

"About a month ago we asked Americans across the country to join in a conversation. We need to decide as a nation how much power the government should have over our data and over our privacy."

21 March 2016, 22:32 PM

There are a billion Apple devices in the world right now, says Cook.

"Recently we passed a major milestone that no one could have imagined. There are now 1 billion Apple devices in use around the world."

21 March 2016, 22:29 PM

Apple CEO Tim Cook takes stage..

21 March 2016, 22:29 PM

Oh! Lights dimmed.. It's show time.. :)

21 March 2016, 22:28 PM

Oh! BTW, the breakfast..

21 March 2016, 22:25 PM

Finally! A warning sound that the presentation is about to begin...

21 March 2016, 22:13 PM

By the way, Apple will be Live streaming the event for Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows 10 users.

Check out the link for LIVE Coverage: /node/1867799

21 March 2016, 22:08 PM

And as the excitement grows, questions are being raised as to why a 4-inch iPhone and not 5-inch iPhone which seem a rather more perfect size!

21 March 2016, 22:06 PM

Ok.. So, journalists are slowing gathering inside 1 definite Loop where the event is scheduled.

21 March 2016, 21:39 PM

But what about the looks? Well! Reports say it could be combo of iPhone 5S and iPhone 6S. Hmmm.. Not bad..

21 March 2016, 21:22 PM

So far, no guesses about the price of iPhone SE but all we know it that it will be the cheapest iPhone.

21 March 2016, 20:55 PM

So, keeping that in mind, the Apple iPhone SE is set to the cheapest iPhone ever, as per reports.

Any guesses about the price??

21 March 2016, 20:52 PM

Apple had launched the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus at its September Event last with 3D Touch. However, reports suggest that sales of the new iPhones failed due to high pricing.

The lowest price was Rs 62,000 for the 165GB variant while the 128GB variant was priced at Rs 92,000.

21 March 2016, 20:45 PM

Having said that, this will be the first time that the company is launching iPhones on two different events in a year. We all hope for Apple iPhone 7 in the September Event later this year.

Don't we? :)

21 March 2016, 20:41 PM

As we draw closer towards the LIVE event, we would like to remind our readers that, surprisingly, this is the second time in a row that Apple Inc is hosting an event in March.

Last year March Event was for the launch of Apple Watch.

21 March 2016, 14:34 PM

You can expect a host of products to be launched during the event. The most expected would be: 4-inch iPhone touted as iPhone SE, Apple Watch wristbands, new 9.7-inch iPad Pro, Apple iOS 9.3.

21 March 2016, 14:34 PM

In few hours from now (10 am Pacific time and 10:30 pm IST) , Apple Inc CEO Tim Cook is set to take the stage at the company's headquarters in Cupertino, California.

21 March 2016, 14:34 PM

Unlike its choice of bigger auditorium or halls, Apple this time has chosen the small Town Hall auditorium, on its main campus at 1 Infinite Loop in  Cupertino, California.


21 March 2016, 14:33 PM

This event comes almost six months earlier than the Apple event that is usually held in September every year.

21 March 2016, 14:33 PM

The event to be held in San Francisco will also showcase new Apple Watch bands and updates to the Apple Pay.

21 March 2016, 14:33 PM

Technology enthusiasts around the world are eagerly waiting for Apple's Monday (March 21 event), where the tech giant would showcase new iPhone SE, updated iPad Pro and iPad Air 3.


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