Asia Cup T20 2016, Match 1: India vs Bangladesh - As it happened...

Rohit Sharma's 55-ball 83-run knock helped India post 166, then Ashish Nehra picked three wickets in a 45-run win.

By Jayanta Oinam | Last Updated: Wednesday, February 24, 2016 - 23:10

Welcome to our live coverage of first match of the 2016 Twenty20 ​Asia Cup, between hosts Bangladesh and their big neighbours India, being played at Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur.

24 February 2016, 22:25 PM

Over 20 | Score 121/7 (Rahim 16; Taskin 15); Target 167

Ravindra Jadeja conceded four runs in the last over, and India won the match by 45 runs.

24 February 2016, 22:17 PM

Over 19 | Score 117/7 (Rahim 15; Taskin 14); Target 167

A lusty hit from Taskin Ahmed cheered up the crowd. A six, over long-on boundary. The over went for nine runs, but the match is already over. They need 50 from the last over.

24 February 2016, 22:11 PM

Over 17 | Score 102/7 (Rahim 13; Taskin 1); Target 167

Bangladesh in deep, deep trouble. Ashish Nehra returned to remove both Mahmudullah and Mashrafe Mortaza.

WICKET: Mahmudullah c Rohit Sharma b Ashish Nehra 7 (6b)

WICKET: Mashrafe Mortaza c Ravindra Jadeja b Ashish Nehra 0 (1b)

They need 65 runs required from 18 balls.

Nehra completed his spell and figures read: 4-0-23-3

24 February 2016, 22:00 PM

Over 15 | Score 85/5 (Rahim 5; Mahmudullah 1); Target 167

Hardik Pandya got his first wicket of the day, removing dangerous Sabbir Raman off the first delivery off the 15th over. Caught behind. Dhoni in all his elements.

WICKET: Sabbir Rahman c MS Dhoni b Hardik Pandya 44 (32b)

Three runs from the over. Bangladesh in trouble. They now need 82 runs from 30 balls. Mahmudullah is the new man.

24 February 2016, 21:53 PM

Over 13 | Score 76/4 (Rahman 41; Rahim 1); Target 167

Shakib Al Hasan tried to steal an non-existent single, and paid the price for it. He tucked the ball towards mid-wicket and dashed off the run, but he was sent back by his partner.  Good throw from Suresh Raina. Dhoni disturbed the stumps.

WICKET: Shakib Al Hasan run out 3 (8b)

Wicketkeeper-batsman Mushfiqur Rahim is the new man.

24 February 2016, 21:45 PM

Over 12 | Score 71/3 (Rahman 38; Shakib 3); Target 167

Sabbir Rahman can certainly hit. The right-handed batsman came down to R Ashwin, and lofted the fourth delivery of the 12th over over mid-wicket boundary for another six. Clean hitting.

10 runs from the over.

His partnership with Shakib Al Hasan will be crucial to Bangladesh's fortunes.

24 February 2016, 21:42 PM

Over 11 | Score 61/3 (Rahman 30; Shakib 0); Target 167

Sabbir Rahman hit the first six of the innings, off Hardik Pandya. Good over for Bangladesh. But they still need more than hundred runs from the remaining nine overs.

24 February 2016, 21:38 PM

Over 10 | Score 51/3 (Rahman 21; Shakib 0); Target 167

Ravichandran Ashwin struck for India to remove Imrul Kayes. The Bangladesh batsman tried to loft, but ended up top edgeing. Easy catch to Yuvraj Singh at fine leg.

WICKET: Imrul Kayes c Yuvraj Singh b R Ashwin 14 (24b)

Shakib Al Hasan is the new man.

24 February 2016, 21:26 PM

Over 7 | Score 36/2 (Rahman 14; Kayes 9); Target 167

Hardik Pandya returned, this time with the ball. Another tidy spell from the Indian bowler. The over went for five runs only -- all singles and extras. Sabbir Rahman took a single off the first delivery, then he along with Imrul Kayes took turns taking the singles.

24 February 2016, 21:18 PM

Over 6 | Score 31/2 (Rahman 12; Kayes 7); Target 167

Jasprit Bumrah produced one tidy spell of pace bowling. The over started with a single, taken by Imrul Kayes. Then, Sabbir Rahman took a two and single off the third and fourth deliveries. Four runs from the over.

With that power-play's done.

24 February 2016, 21:14 PM

Over 5 | Score 27/2 (Rahman 9; Kayes 6); Target 167

Sabbir Rahman picked up the loose ball to hit his first boundary. Ashish Nehra's second over leaked eight runs -  a four and four singles.

Bangladesh require another 140 runs from 15 overs.

24 February 2016, 21:08 PM

Over 4 | Score 19/2 (Rahman 3; Kayes); Target 167

Jasprit Bumrah removed Soumya Sarkar with a beauty. With the ball doing just enough to create the movement, Bumrah banged the it short, and it rose to take a faintest of nicks, for MS Dhoni to complete the catch.

WICKET: Soumya Sarkar c MS Dhoni b Jasprit Bumrah 11 (14b)

Imrul Kayes finally got his chance.

24 February 2016, 21:04 PM

Over 3 | Score 15/1 (Sarkar 11; Rahman 3); Target 167

Just when Bangladesh were looking to build a decent foundation, promoted Mohammad Mithun lost the plot to give India the first break-through.

Nehra, 36, cleaned up Mithun's wicket with a moving, short off delivery, which crashed into the stumps.

WICKET: Mohammad Mithun b Ashish Nehra 1 (3b)

And Nehra Ji is back:

New man Sabbir Rahman, then, survived a huge call for catch at first slip the very next delivery. Umpire didn't move.

After milking four runs from the next two deliveries, Rahman almost lost his wicket, but Hardik Pandya at mid-on failed to time his jump to complete a what could have been a brilliant catch.

Six runs from the over.

24 February 2016, 20:57 PM

Over 2 | Score 9/0 (Sarkar 8; Mithun 1); Target 167

Rude welcome for Jasprit Pandya by Soumya Sarkar. The first ball of the second over went for a four, with the Bangladeshi opener slapping the delivery over the cover point.

But the young Indian bowler responded pretty well, conceding two more runs -- all singles. Six runs from the over.

24 February 2016, 20:52 PM

Over 1 | Score 3/0 (Sarkar 3; Mithun 0); Target 167

Good first ball from the experienced Ashish Nehra. Pitched-up, but more importantly hit the perfect line. The ball quacks, and the after five dot balls, Soumya Sarkar ran for three. The final delivery was on the leg and the left-handed batsman just did enough to get those runs.

For Bangladesh Soumya Sarkar partnered with new man Mohammad Mithun. Change of tactics. Imrul Kayes is saving for middle overs.

24 February 2016, 20:35 PM

Over 20 | Score 166/6 (Dhoni 8; Jadeja 0)

Wonderful come-back by the Bangladeshi bowlers, backed up by fielders. Rohit Sharma departed, going for a lofted shot, which ended up with Soumya Sarkar taking a brilliant, diving catch at deep. It happened off the second delivery.

WICKET: Rohit Sharma c Soumya Sarkar b Al-Amin Hossain 83 (55b)

Then, two balls later Hardik Pandya joined his senior pro in the long walk back. Mahmudullah completed the catch at long-on.

WICKET: Hardik Pandya c Mahmudullah b Al-Amin Hossain 31 (18b)

Skipper MS Dhoni finished the innings with a hook, which went for the maximum.

24 February 2016, 20:29 PM

Over 19 | Score 157/4 (Sharma 83; Pandya 30)

Given the circumstances, and the run of the play, a brilliant over from Mustafizur Rahman. He exploited the width of the crease to create angles to suit deliveries.

Eight runs from the over. Pandya, yet again, played improvisation to the best. He reached out to the pitch of the delivery and found the ball flying away to third man boundary for a four. That happened in the second delivery of the over.

24 February 2016, 20:23 PM

Over 18 | Score 149/4 (Sharma 82; Pandya 24)

Hardik Pandya played two brilliant shots, on either sides of the wicket, displaying his range. 13 runs from the over. Al-Amin Hossain's not so amused seeing the improvisation from Pandya.

The partnership is 52 off 19 deliveries. Some hitting.

24 February 2016, 20:18 PM

Over 17 | Score 136/4 (Sharma 79; Pandya 14)

Rohit is also riding the lady luck. Miss-times couple of times, first one produced a six, then the second one landed in no-man's land. Then, young Hardik Pandya showed his raw talent, by hitting a good length delivery for a six over the mid-off.

Thus Mustafizur Rahman leaked 21 runs. Biggest of the day. He certainly felt T20.

24 February 2016, 20:14 PM

Over 16 | Score 115/4 (Sharma 72; Pandya 1)

Huge over!!! The onslaught is on from classy Rohit Sharma. And the first bowler who bore the burnt was Bangladesh skipper Mashrafe Mortaza. From nowhere, the Mumbai batsman has raced to 72 from 49 deliveries.

The over yielded 18 runs, thanks to the brilliance of Rohit, who hit a six, four, four off successive deliveries.

24 February 2016, 20:09 PM

Over 15 | Score 97/4 (Sharma 55; Pandya 0)

Yuvraj Singh departed, trying to loft Shakib Al Hasan over deep mid-wicket. Soumya Sarkar completed the catch. That happened off the penultimate delivery of the 15th over.

WICKET: Yuvraj Singh c Soumya Sarkar b Shakib Al Hasan 15 (16b)

The over still yielded seven runs, thanks to a four from Rohit Sharma, who also completed his fifty.

Hardik Pandya is the new batsman.

24 February 2016, 20:06 PM

Over 14 | Score 90/3 (Sharma 49; Yuvraj 14)

Good over for India. Nine runs from the over. Both Rohit and Yuvi played sensibly against tricky Mustafizur Rahman. Rohit took a single off the first delivery, then Yuvraj played a sumptuous off side drive for his first boundary of the day. It was followed by a four singles.

24 February 2016, 20:01 PM

Over 13 | Score 81/3 (Sharma 46; Yuvraj 9)

Shakib Al Hasan applied some breaks in the Indian rebuilding phase. Conceded five runs in his second over. Rohit Sharma nears his fifty, and a cautious Yuvraj is giving the opener perfect partnership.

24 February 2016, 19:57 PM

Over 12 | Score 76/3 (Sharma 43; Yuvraj 7)

Patient India started to take on the spirited Bangladeshis. 10 runs from the over even as Yuvraj Singh reached 1000th T20I run.

Earlier, Rohit Sharma continued from where he left in the previous over. After taking a double off the second delivery, he punished Mashrafe Mortaza with a brilliant shot. The short ball from Bangladesh skipper was pulled to beat fielder inside the circle, at it went crashing into the advertisement board.

24 February 2016, 19:52 PM

Over 11 | Score 66/3 (Sharma 35; Yuvraj 5)

Dropped and the very next delivery, four, then a six, another four! That's cricket for you. And the benefactor, Rohit Sharma. The Indian opener hit was dropped off the third delivery of Taskin Ahmed's third over, at point by a well-positioned Shakib Al Hasan. But the sheer speed of the timing undone the fielder's effort.

Then, the classy Rohit found the perfect placement for a four, in the third man cordon. Then, lifted the next delivery over the backward point for the first six of the match. It was followed by another four, this time, the fielder let it slip between his legs.

14 runs from the over.

24 February 2016, 19:47 PM

Over 10 | Score 52/3 (Sharma 21; Yuvraj 5)

Another tidy over from Mahmudullah. Five runs from the over as Mahmudullah contained the Indian batsmen. Rohit Sharma took a single, then after a dot ball, he and Yuvi rotated to take another four singles.

24 February 2016, 19:44 PM

Over 9 | Score 47/3 (Sharma 18; Yuvraj 3)

Finally, Mashrafe Mortaza introduced Shakib Al Hasan in the attack. Yuvi took a single off the very first ball, then Rohit Sharma blocked two balls before taking a single.

With two more singles, Shakib's first over yielded four runs for India.

24 February 2016, 19:39 PM

Over 8 | Score 43/3 (Sharma 16; Yuvraj 1)

Excellent over for Bangladesh. T20 master-class Suresh Raina got himself out with a hurried, clueless shot. Mahmudullah kept the delivery simple, straight, and it hit the target.

WICKET: Suresh Raina b Mahmudullah 13 (13b)

Yuvraj Singh is the new man.

24 February 2016, 19:35 PM

Over 7 | Score 39/2 (Sharma 14; Raina 12)

Busy over. Skipper Mashrafe Mortaza kept himself in the attack. Another eight runs as Indian batsmen covered some distance in the middle to steal quick singles and doubles.

24 February 2016, 19:32 PM

Over 6 | Score 31/2 (Sharma 10; Raina 9)

First big over for India as Suresh Raina hit two fours off the over, bowled by Al-Amin Hossain. Raina blocked the first delivery for a dot, then played a cover drive which fetched his first four. After two dot balls, he cut for the second four of the over.

Eight runs from the over.

24 February 2016, 19:29 PM

Over 5 | Score 23/2 (Sharma 10; Raina 1)

What a way to start the over. Captain Mashrafe Mortaza removed dangerous Virat Kohli to consolidate Tigers' grip in the match.

The over started with Rohit Sharma taking a double, then a single. But Virat Kohli, who attempted a wild swing in the previous over, flashed his bat again, only to find Mahmudullah an easy catch at mid-off.

WICKET: Virat Kohli c Mahmudullah b Mashrafe Mortaza 8 (12b)

Suresh Raina is the new batsman.

24 February 2016, 19:20 PM

Over 4 | Score 19/1 (Sharma 7; Kohli 8)

Both the Bangladesh opening bowlers have done an excellent job so far. keeping an otherwise explosive Indian top order quite for three overs.  Then, the young sensation Mustafizur Rahman joined the fun, giving away only three runs in his first over. Brilliant bowling.

He even tempted Virat Kohli to come down the pitch and attempt a wild swing, which the batsman missed.

24 February 2016, 19:15 PM

Over 3 | Score 14/1 (Sharma 7; Kohli 6)

Taskin Ahmed continued with his nippy bowling, restricting Indian batsman to singles, or it seemed, until the third delivery. Kohli survived, in fact, was lucky to survive after finding an inside edge, which went for his first boundary.

Kohli then took a single, giving strike to Rohit Sharma, who after a dot ball, took a double to end the over. Seven runs from the over.

24 February 2016, 19:10 PM

Over 2 | Score 7/1 (Sharma 5; Kohli 1)

Al-Amin Hossain shared the new ball with Taskin Ahmed. The second over started with a two with Shikhar Dhawan gently steering between the point and third man. He blocked the second delivery.

Then WICKET. What a delivery from the 26-year-old to uproot Dhawan's wicket. The delivery swung enough to find the gap between the bat and ball as the Indian opener played a defensive straight drive.

WICKET: Shikhar Dhawan b Al-Amin Hossain 2 (4b)

New man Virat Kohli soon got into action, taking a single off the very first delivery he faced. Rohit Sharma then hit India's first four -- through the covers -- off the last delivery of the over.

24 February 2016, 19:03 PM

Over 1 | Score 2/0 (Sharma 1; Dhawan 0)

Rohit Sharma faced the first ball, from Taskin Ahmed. Negotiated the first delivery well, an in-swinging delivery. A single off the second delivery, then a leg bye from Shikhar Dhawan. Two runs from the over. Great start from Bangladesh.

24 February 2016, 18:56 PM

TOSS: Bangladesh win the toss and elect to field

24 February 2016, 18:50 PM

MS Dhoni is playing. India are fielding an unchanged XI from the last series.

INDIA XI: Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina, Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni (capt., wk), Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Jasprit Bumrah, Ashish Nehra

BANGLADESH XI: Imrul Kayes, Soumya Sarkar, Sabbir Rahman, Mahmudullah, Shakib Al Hasan, Mushfiqur Rahim (wk), Mashrafe Mortaza (capt.), Mohammad Mithun, Al-Amin Hossain, Mustafizur Rahman, Taskin Ahmed

24 February 2016, 17:47 PM


India-Bangladesh fixtures started to have gain top billings thanks to the Tigers' recent performances. The first match of the tournament proper will pit the neigbours.

With the ICC World Twenty20 happening just after the inaugural Asia Cup Twenty20, the continental competition is likely to be used as a testing ground for team combinations, and the overall preparedness.

But like other rivalries, old or new, the one involving India and Bangladesh has become one of the most interesting duels in cricket. Beyond the on-field clashes, the contest will also involve a lot of tussles between the fans.

India, which suffered a series defeat last year in Bangladesh last year, will enter the match seeking revenge. And, Mahendra Singh Dhoni's men will sure start as the obvious favourites following their back-to-back Twenty20 International series wins, over Australia and Sri Lanka.

MS Dhoni's availability still remains a concern for India. But even without the skipper, India will play a near full strength team.