NE exodus: Arunachal goodwill team in Hyderabad

A `goodwill team’ from Arunachal Pradesh headed by Lok Sabha member Takam Sanjoy is pressing for security and protection of NE students.

Hyderabad: To stop the exodus of people of North East region over rumours spread through SMSes, a ‘goodwill team’ from Arunachal Pradesh headed by Lok Sabha member Takam Sanjoy was given a warm welcome by local Muslim leader Arshad Khan and his team here.

The goodwill team headed by Sanjoy is coordinating with state governments of South India, pressing for security and protection of NE students studying in various cities there.

Later, a group of Arunachalee students who are pursuing technical education at various institutions in the historic city, along with representatives from other NE states, met with the team and expressed their gratitude to the Arunachal Pradesh Government for sending the team.

The students confirmed that there was no effect of rumours, and that peace and tranquillity prevails as before.

They also assured to pursue their education with utmost sincerity and to maintain cordial relations with the locals and fellow citizens.

Meanwhile, the Arunachal Students’ Union Bangalore has confirmed that a peace-mission team constituted by Sanjoy and comprising representatives of other NE states is in Chennai on Monday.

Sanjoy urged the NE state governments to send their children back without ado so that they can continue pursuing their courses, according to an official release.

Meanwhile, coordinator for security of NE people in Delhi, joint commissioner of Delhi Police Robin Hibu also issued an alert to all districts in the national capital in view of rising apprehension among folks from the NE residing in New Delhi on the eve of the end of Ramzan Monday.

In a message, Hibu called for heightening alertness in the districts and taking steps such as deploying cops at vulnerable spots, conducting ‘visible and audible patrolling’, setting up surprise nakas, keeping flying strike squads on reserve with riot gears, ensuring flawless communication network, staying in touch with community leaders, as such.

India on Sunday asked Pakistan to crackdown on elements based in that country who are using social media networking sites to whip up communal sentiments and create scare among people of NE region living across India.

The exodus of fear-stricken North Easterners in the wake of rumours of retaliatory attacks on them after the Assam violence abated today in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.


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