BJP to oppose religion-based reservation

Bharti said India was a secular state which did not practise religion-based reservation.

New Delhi: Terming religion-based quota for
Muslims as a "dirty gameplan" of the Congress to divide the
nation again, BJP today said it will oppose any such move by
launching a nation-wide mass movement and exposing the "dirty
face" of its rival party.

"The nation is on the verge of another partition - this
time an ideological partition. The BJP will not allow any such
partition on the basis of religion," said BJP leader Uma

Charging the Congress with playing "dirty politics" for
petty political gains in Uttar Pradesh, the BJP leader said,
"The sole purpose behind this dirty politics is the OBC vote
bank and the target is Uttar Pradesh."

She said the BJP will launch a countrywide "Jan Andolan"
(mass movement) from the streets to Parliament to expose the
"dirty face" of the Congress.

"I will myself come forward in opposing the move for
religion-based reservation, as it poses a threat to the
nation`s unity and integrity," she said.

She added that the Congress party was trying to play such
dirty politics merely to increase its votes by one or two per
cent in one state.

Bharti also accused the Congress of having a "bigoted
mentality" illustrated by its proposal for "religion-based
reservation" ahead of the Uttar Pradesh assembly polls, as it
could not tolerate anyone opposing it.

The former Madhya Pradesh chief minister also urged the
"so-called" leaders of OBCs and dalits, besides also Muslim
leaders to oppose religion-based reservation.

Bharti said the BJP will also talk to Muslim leaders
asking them not to support the move as religion-based
reservation went against the basic tenets of Islam.

"Islam is based on the primary principle of universal
brotherhood. It does not accept reservation. Caste inequality
has been a part of the Hindu society," Bharti said.

Urging Muslim leaders to come forward in opposing such a
reservation, Bharti said, "If Muslims accept and adopt this,
then they should come out of Islam..."

Naming Lalu Prasad, Mulayam Singh Yadav and Mayawati, she
lamented that the "so-called leaders of dalits and backward
classes" had remained silent so far on the issue.

Lashing out at the Congress, she said such a decision
reflected the "bigoted" mentality of the Congress. She also
reminded the party that even Jawaharlal Nehru had opposed
reservation to minorities based on religion.

She recalled Nehru`s words spoke on May 5, 1949 that "If
you seek to give safeguards to the minority, you isolate it.
Maybe you protect it to a slight extent. But at what cost. At
the cost of isolating and keeping it away from the main

Charging the Congress for its "dirty and divisionary"
politics, Bharti said India was a secular state which did not
practise religion-based reservation.

"Our nation is a secular state. It is not a religious
state...By announcing such religion-based reservation, does
the Congress say that India is a Hindu State. We say it is a
Hindu nation, but not a Hindu state," the BJP leader said,
while asking the Congress to clarify its stand on the issue.