Delhi: Cong, BJP spar in House on illegal colonies

Winter Session of Delhi Assembly ended with CM Sheila Dikshit and Leader of Opposition VK Malhotra crossing swords on the issue of illegal colonies.

New Delhi: The Winter Session of Delhi
Assembly ended with Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and Leader
of Opposition VK Malhotra crossing swords on the issue of
regularisation of illegal colonies in the capital.

During the Question Hour, Malhotra alleged that the Delhi
government had cheated and committed "fraud" on the people of
illegal colonies by not developing them in the past 13 years,
prompting Dikshit to retort to the allegations saying such
words cannot be used to describe a government elected by the
The issue of regularisation of illegal colonies have been
raised during all five days of the Assembly session, which was
adjourned sine die today.

Dikshit had yesterday told the House that the task of
mapping and finalisation of boundaries of all such colonies
will be completed within a month after which the development
work would start in these colonies.

Replying to a question, Urban Development Minister A K
Walia said the government was looking into the issue and it
needs time to complete the task.

Malhotra, however, asked the government what was it doing
for the past 13 years while in power and said "the government
has cheated the people of such colonies and committed fraud on

An agitated Dikshit demanded that the word "fraud" be
removed from the House proceedings and accused the Opposition
of politicising every issue.

"What do you mean by fraud? I object to that. A senior
leader like you should not use such words. We were elected by
the people, let people say that. You keep asking us what have
we done. If you want you come here (government) and do what
you want," she said.
Dikshit said there were several agencies involved in the
issue of regularising colonies and work can be started only
after due process that would take some time.

"The Survey of India`s maps would come in the next 15
days. Once the report comes we will see what can be done.
There is no confusion on this issue. We will see to it that
all work is done in unauthorised colonies," she told the

The Chief Minister also accused the Opposition members of
politicising the issue.

On the last day of the session, Congress members Naseeb
Singh and Veer Singh Dhingam moved private member resolutions
on amendments to Delhi Co-operative Societies Act 2003 and
that all leprosy patients of the leprosy homes be given BPL

However, they were withdrawn after appeals from the
Ministers concerned.

Another private member resolution moved by BJP members on
increasing the pension to widows and destitute women from Rs
1,000 to Rs 2,000 was defeated.