Delhi govt warning to autorickshaws on GPS installation issue

Delhi government on Tuesday warned the auto-rickshaw drivers against fleecing commuters and asked them to install GPS devices on their vehicles at the earliest.

Updated: May 14, 2013, 22:55 PM IST

New Delhi: Delhi government on Tuesday warned the auto-rickshaw drivers against fleecing commuters and asked them to install GPS devices on their vehicles at the earliest.

Around 60,000 auto-rickshaws are operating in the city without GPS devices despite repeated directive from the Transport department to do so.

At a meeting, Transport Minister Ramakant Goswami asked senior officials of his department to take strong action aginst the auto-rickshaw drivers who fleece commuters.

The Minister also directed them to ensure installation of GPS devices in all auto-rickshaws so that their movements can be tracked.

While hiking auto fares in June 2010, the government had added a component in the fare to help auto-rickshaw unions meet the expenditure for GPS installation.

The Delhi High Court had in September last year rejected the plea by auto-rickshaw unions opposing the government`s notification for installation of GPS in the three wheelers.

In today`s meeting, Goswami asked his department to educate the public about GPS system installed in around 25,000 auto-rickshaws which were given permits in the last six months.

"People should be informed about various facilities available in GPS system specially the `trip start` and `trip end` system which is helpful in working out the chargeable fare. It was also decided that auto rickshaws which are not keeping their GPS system in `switch-on` mode should be issued notice for cancellation of their permits," said Goswami.

The Minister constituted a committee comprising senior officials of his department to file a report on pre-paid auto-rickshaw booths, monitoring and analysis of GPS data and overall running of auto-rickshaws in the city.

The government had hiked auto and taxi fares by 25 per cent two weeks ago.

The Minister directed officials to conduct periodic
checks at railway stations, bus terminals and air port to ensure compliance of rules by the auto-rickshaw drivers.

The Transport department has also decided that vendors given contract for installation of High Security Registration Plates (HSRP) will have to intimate vehicle-owners about date of installtion of HSRP in writing by putting a stamp on the fee receipt.

The decision came as the Transport department had received lot of complaints about inordinate delay in delivery of HSRP to the vehicle owners.

As per the decision of the Transport department, the vendors will have to operate a separate counter for the corporate operators having at least 10 vehicles or more in their name.

It was decided that in case of DTC and cluster bus, HSRP shall be affixed at the depots to avoid congestion and crowding at Burari Fitness Centre.

Officials said the vendor will be asked to increase its capacity of making HSRP number plates.

"The vendor will be directed to establish a separate unit for installation of HSRP in commercial vehicles. It was also decided that in case HSRP could not be affixed on the vehicle, a conditional fitness certificate with a validity of 60 days shall be issued to avoid any harassment of the vehicle-owner," they said.