Man marries after converting girl to Islam, charged for rape

A Delhi court has decided to frame rape charges against a man who married a girl after converting her to Islam.

Updated: Aug 05, 2012, 16:34 PM IST

New Delhi: A Delhi court has decided to frame rape charges against a man who married a girl after converting her to Islam without informing his marital status that led to a failed suicide attempt by his new wife.

Additional Sessions Judge T R Naval allowed framing of charges against Jamal Nasir for the offence of rape and also abetment to suicide, concealment of former marriage, fraudulent marriage and cohabitation by inducing a belief of lawful marriage.

Jamal, a resident of east Delhi, used to run a cloth factory in front of the house of the victim complainant.

He had allegedly approached the girl saying he loved her and wanted to marry her and had also told her that he was unmarried. She gradually started loving him.

In June 2001, Jamal called the girl inside the factory where four other persons were also present. One of them was introduced as Qazi and other three as witnesses. Jamal told her that after some recitations from the Quran, she would be converted to Islam and thereafter, they would be married.
They then started cohabiting as man and wife and it was only after the girl asked him as to why he does not stay home at nights that he disclosed his former marriage. But she compromised with the situation and continued to live with Jamal.

However, in July 2006, Jamal`s first wife came at their house and beat her up. Later, Jamal shifted her to another house and even asked her to stay away from him.

The girl went into depression and consumed sleeping pills and slit her vein and was rushed to hospital by police.
After being discharged, she submitted her complaint saying Jamal, his first wife Musharrat, his brother Mohd. Anees and his wife Nilofar were responsible for creating that situation for her.

After completion of the probe, police filed a charge sheet against them.

Jamal`s brother Anees, his wife Nilofar were charged with offence of criminal intimidation and abetment to suicide.

Against Jamal`s first wife Musharrat, the court found a prima facie case of criminal intimidation, mischief and causing hurt.