11-year-old boy writes to PM Modi over long route to school – what happened next?

The Class VII student did not inform anyone in the family about his letter to PM Modi.

11-year-old boy writes to PM Modi over long route to school – what happened next?

New Delhi: Ever since he assumed office of the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has been urging the citizens of the country to write to him with their suggestions/complaints. But what happens when someone goes ahead and actually posts a letter to him gets seldom reported.

This story is of an 11-year-old boy from Unnao, a small town near Kanpur, who wrote to PM Modi about the problems he faces daily due to the absence of a crossing at the railway tracks between his house and his school.

The Indian Express reports that Nayan Singh, a Class VII student at Chandrashekhar Azad Intermediate College, wrote a letter to PM Modi last September seeking redressal of the problem faced by him and 200 other students, who have to take a two kilometre long circuitous route to reach school.

Nayan did not inform anyone in family or his circle of friends about the letter he had sent to South Block on the majestic Raisina Hill in Delhi.

His secret lasted only till this week when his family received a letter from the divisional engineer, Northern Railways, mentioning his application sent to the Prime Minister

But there's a problem: Existing rules mandate that a railway crossing or overbridge cannot be constructed till the concerned state government puts in a request with the railways ministry.

However, given the direct intervention by the Prime Minister, Nayan and his friends may soon avoid getting late to school.