Amit Shah hits out at Opposition for slamming demonetisation move, says some political parties have become poor

BJanata Dal (United) and Biju Janata Dal have supported government's demonetisation move.

Amit Shah hits out at Opposition for slamming demonetisation move, says some political parties have become poor

New Delhi: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Amit Shah on Friday hit out at Congress, Samajwadi Party, Bahujan Samaj Party and Aam Aadmi Party for criticising Modi government’s demonetisation move.

In an apparent dig at the Opposition parties for criticising Centre's bold step to curb the black money and corruption, Shah said, “Poor will not suffer, but some political parties have become poor.”

“The way some rival parties are rattled, it seems BJP will benefit,” Shah said when asked, what would be the political implications following the demonetisation decision.

As people are facing difficulties in withdrawing money at thousands of Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) across the country, the BJP president said, the government is concerned about their worries and appealed to people to cooperate.

“ATMs machines operate according to the weight of the notes and as the weight of the new currency notes is different from the existing ones, it is causing some problems. Rs 100 currency notes are being deposited in ATMs, but as there is a huge rush, the machines are running out of cash very quickly,” Shah said.

Shah's reaction comes after serpentine queues were witnessed at various banks' and ATMs across the country as people made a beeline for withdrawals of the permitted amounts.

Crores of people were disappointed as thousands of ATMs did not dispense cash.

The BJP leader urged the people to extend their co-operation, saying that the government also feels their pain.

"The Narendra Narendra Modi government has embarked on a campaign to end corruption. I appeal to people to join in and give it speed," Shah said.

Shah also said there will be no inquiry on people depositing up to Rs 2.5 lakh in demonetized currency in banks.Rs 2.5 lakh in demonetized currency in banks.

"The middle class, the poor and small traders will face no problems," he said, adding that there is no need to rush as the currency notes will be accepted till December end.

Janata Dal (United) and Biju Janata Dal have supported government's unique way to fight against black money.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday announced that the government had decided to demonetise Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes to tackle the menace of black money.

Addressing the nation, PM Modi on Tuesday said, “To break the grip of corruption and black money, we have decided that the five hundred rupee and thousand rupee currency notes presently in use will no longer be legal tender from midnight tonight, that is 8th November 2016.”

The five hundred and thousand rupee notes hoarded by anti-national and anti-social elements will become just worthless pieces of paper. The rights and the interests of honest, hard-working people will be fully protected. Let me assure you that notes of one hundred, fifty, twenty, ten, five, two and one rupee and all coins will remain legal tender and will not be affected.

This step will strengthen the hands of the common man in the fight against corruption, black money and fake currency. To minimise the difficulties of citizens in the coming days, several steps are being taken.  

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