Mann ki Baat: PM Modi asks people to move towards cashless society, warns unscrupulous elements not to misuse poor

Addressing his monthly radio programme 'Mann ki Baat ' Narendra Modi said on Sunday that India would emerge from demonetisation move like gliterring gold from fire.

Mann ki Baat: PM Modi asks people to move towards cashless society, warns unscrupulous elements not to misuse poor
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Delhi: Addressing his monthly radio programme 'Mann ki Baat', Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday that India would emerge from demonetisation move like glittering gold from fire.

"I have said that demonetisation decision is huge and it will take minimum 50 days to overcome from it," PM Modi said, adding, "I'm confident India will succeed in this."

On people facing cash crunch, he said, "I understand your problems but for a disease which has infected our country for 70 years, treatment can't be simple. Your support despite severe problems has touched me. You have not wavered despite efforts to misguide you."

At the same time, Prime Minister said "even now, some people think they can bring their black money, the money earned through corruption or the one which is unaccounted for, back into the system through illegal means. Unfortunately, they are misusing the poor for this purpose by misleading, luring or tempting them by putting money into their accounts."

He pointed out that "a very stringent law to deal with 'benami' transactions is being implemented, that will make such things (transactions) very difficult. Government does not want the people to face such difficulties. I would tell such (unscrupulous) people that to reform or not reform is your wish. Following the law or not is your wish - that the law will take care of. But please don't play with the life of the poor. Don't do anything due to which, when there is an investigation, the name of the poor comes on record and he gets into trouble because of you."

Giving an example of how people have been helping each other in hour of need, PM Modi said, "A hotel in Maharashtra's Akola has put up hoardings allowing people to avail food even if they don't have money post demonetisation."

The Prime Minister also said that a newly married young woman from Surat in Gujarat treated guests at her wedding to tea instead of a lavish feast in view of the ongoing cash crunch. 

"The groom's side accepted the hospitality with grace... My best wishes and congratulations to the newly married couple Bharat Maru and Diksha Parmar," PM Modi said.

He then talked of tea plantation workers in a small village of Dhekiajuli in Assam where they get paid weekly.

"When they got the new Rs 2,000 note, a few women went to the market in a group and bought things with a single note. They decided to settle their accounts among themselves later on. There was no problem of change as they bought collectively," the PM said. 

"Sowing of crops has risen compared to last year, farmers have found ways out of difficulties. I invite small traders to adopt cashless economy as it will bring about a huge transformation in the country," he said.

"I know that you support this decision, also know that you are contributing a lot to make this a success. I know cashless economy is different. Why not move towards a less-cash society. Youth are agents of change, he said and asked each of them to bring ten families into cashless economy by teaching various tools available," he appealed.

PM Modi emphasised, "I took this decision for the country's poor, farmer, labour, deprived and for those who are suffering. Workers are not paid minimum wages, get less than written on paper. Opening bank accounts will help solve this problem."

"There has been 300% increase in the use of Rupay card since poor people started using it, it is as simple as sending a WhatsApp. I want to urge men and women in small businesses that the time is right, you too enter the digital world. Common man will be trouble free if they are made aware of the digital financial transaction options, youths can do this quickly," he pointed out.

"Our dream is for a cashless society. It is correct that we cannot achieve it immediately. But India can definitely move towards a less-cash society. Once we start the move towards a less-cash society, the goal of a cashless society will not be far away," he said.

"I invite you all to not only support me but be a soldier of change and achieve it. We will fight to free India from corruption and black money," PM Modi reiterated. 

He also spoke about the Kashmir situation and particularly hailed the massive attendance of students in board exams recently.

Moreover, PM Modi said that people of the country must stand with the soldiers to boost their moral and strength.

"We must stand with our forces. When the entire nation stands with our 'jawans' (soldiers), their strength increases 125 crore times," he said.

The Prime Minister said that like always this year too he celebrated Diwali with the soldiers.

"This year Diwali was different, the way people of the country sent their messages to the 'jawans' was amazing."

PM Modi also announced to publish a coffee table book containing the wishes from the masses for the soldiers on the occasion of Diwali.

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