No evidence so far that Sunanda was murdered, says Shashi Tharoor

Congress leader Shashi Tharoor said on Monday that there was no evidence so far that his wife Sunanda Pushkar was murdered.

Delhi: Congress leader Shashi Tharoor said on Monday that there was no evidence so far that his wife Sunanda Pushkar was murdered.

“We have full hope in the legal and judicial process. Let justice come,” he said, as per ANI.

“There is no evidence as such on the murder so far, that’s why entire family members, brother and son are with me,” he added.

The Congress MP also submitted in the Kerala High Court today that none of the assets belonging to his late wife devolved on him and he has no control over it.

Deposing before the election tribunal constituted by High Court, Tharoor submitted in a statement that he has not inherited any wealth from Pushkar, as per PTI.

Tharoor was being examined in an election petition filed by one S Suresh.

Suresh, who challenged Tharoor's election from Thiruvananthapuram, said the Congress MP has not disclosed details of his entire assets while filing nominations for the Lok Sabha polls last year.

Justice P Bhavadasan adjourned the case to March 30 for hearing.

Meanwhile, Delhi Police has received a report from Gandhinagar-based Directorate of Forensic Science (DFS) which was tasked to check the contents of Sunanda's laptops and mobile phones and it is being analysed in detail to see if anything was deleted from the gadgets to destroy evidence.

With the DFS report having come, Delhi Police's SIT that is probing the mysterious death of Pushkar, will again press Twitter, Facebook and Blackberry to share data related to her social media accounts and the people with whom she was in contact over them.

On January 20, the Delhi Police had handed over two laptops and four mobile phones to Gujarat DFS to retrieve the data.

"We had sent certain equipments for retrieval of data from the forensic science lab, they have retrieved the data and sent the equipment and a detailed report back to us. It is being examined. After its examination, if something of interest comes up, if we need to clarify it from any person that obviously will be done. If it doesn't, than of course that may not be done," Delhi Police Commissioner B S Bassi told reporters here today.

"One week back we had received these equipments and reports, now we are analyzing the data. It is volumes of data and it will take time to analyse it," he added.

The Special Investigating Team(SIT) has not received the desired information sought so far from social media giants like Twitter and Facebook among others.

"We will ask Twitter, FB and Blackberry to expedite the process and provide us the information that we had sought from them. We will analyse the deleted information and see whather it was deleted as a routine process or it was done with a malafide intention," said Bassi.

Delhi Police is also waiting for US' FBI to send their report on the kind of poison which caused Pushkar's death.

Investigators had sent the viscera samples to the US after AIIMS doctors had said that Indian labs lacked facility to identify the poison which caused her death.

The cause of death, termed "poisoning" by a panel of AIIMS doctors, has remained the biggest mystery of the case as they could not specify the kind of poison and the way it reached Pushkar's body.

A day before Pushkar was found dead in a luxury hotel here in January last year, she apparently had a spat with Tarar on micro-blogging website Twitter over the latter's alleged affair with Tharoor.

Tharoor was questioned by the investigators thrice last month that was focussed on the IPL controversy, which broke in early 2010 when he was the Minister of State for External Affairs.

52-year-old Sunanda was found dead in her suite at a five star hotel in south Delhi on the night of January 17 last year.

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