PM Modi at war memorial, addresses Oz Parliament: As It Happened

PM holds delegation level talks with Australian PM Tony Abbott.

PM Modi at war memorial, addresses Oz Parliament: As It Happened

5.25 am: Terrorism has become a major threat for us all. In India, we have seen its face closely for three decades. Terrorism is changing in character and expanding its reach. We have to deepen our bilateral security cooperation. But, we need a comprehensive global strategy for a global problem. It will require closer security cooperation; but, even more, a policy of no distinction between terrorist groups or discrimination between nations; a resolve to isolate those who harbour terrorists, willingness to empower states that will fight them; a social movement against extremism in countries where it is most prevalent; and, every effort to delink religion and terrorism

5.23 am: Today, we have a government with clear majority after 30 years. In these 6 months that we have been in office, we have moved forward with ambition and have acted with speed, seeking growth, not just for growth but to transform the quality of life for every Indian. 

5.20 am: We see Australia as a vital partner in India's quest for progress and prosperity. India will be an answer to your search for new economic opportunities. We want to find new pathways to prosperity and not simply travel down the roads of the previous century. We can only pursue our dreams if we have confidence that our cities are safe, our nations secure, our region stable and the world peaceful.

5.18 am: Australia will not be at the periphery of our vision but at the centre of our thoughts. India has been the second largest economy in the world.

 5.16 am: Since my government entered office, no region has seen more intense engagement than the Asia-Pacific region, says PM Modi. I was pleased to host PM Tony Abbott as my first state guest in September.

 5.13 am : PM says that he is humbled and honoured by the opportunity. PM says I stand here as one of you, as a representative of people. I have come to you and brought greetings by a nation of 125 million people. Statue of Gandhi in Canberra is the symbol of our shared values. We are united by ideals of democracy.

 5.10 am: PM Modi addresses Australian Parliament, acknowledges the traditional owners of the land. PM Modi congratulates Tony Abbott and the people of Australia on a successful G-20. Modi says that India is impressed by Australian speed as the Australians are charmed by Indian spin, until of course Shane Warne came along. We celebrate the legend of Bradman and the class of Tendulkar together. 

5.05 am: Leader of opposition Bill Shorten begins his speech by quoting from Rahul Dravid's 2011 Bradman speech as he welcomes PM Modi to the Australian Parliament.

5.00 am: PM Abbott heaps praise on PM Modi.

4.56 am: PM Abbott believes that trade means jobs, prosperity. Both India and Australia need more jobs. He also says that they can never forget that India is an intellectual powerhouse and potential economic powerhouse. Science, medical research are India's strengths.

4.53 am: Australia will export uranium to India under suitable safeguards because cleaner energy is one of the most important contributions that Australia can make to wider world.

4.50 am: PM Tony Abbott addresses the Parliament. He says that the long overdue for an Indian PM to address this Parliament is at last corrected.

4.49 am : Amidst a loud thunder of applause and standing ovation, PM Modi reaches the Parliament.

4.29 am: India and Australia have signed pacts on a variety of issues which include social security, transfer of sentenced prisoners, combating narcotics trade, tourism, and arts and culture. 

4.27 am: Modi seeks early closure of India-Australia nuclear deal to facilitate import of Uranium. 

4.20 am: India will hold Make In India show in Australia in 2015.

4.19 am: PM Modi discussed energy, security. The PM tweeted that India and Australia are natural partners. He also said that the economic climate in India has changed and that it is a lot easier to convert opportunities into concrete outcomes.

4.15 am: Tony Abbott wants India-Australia relationship to become more meaningful. Trade, Intelligence, Military cooperation, counter-terrorism, business partnership etc were the areas of focus.

4.12 am: Joint press statement by PM Modi and PM Abbott begins.

4.10 am: Five instruments have been signed between India and Australia in the presence of PM Modi and Australian PM Abbott.

4.00 am: The PM tweeted that his friendship with his Australian counterpart will further strengthen India-Australia relationship in years to come.

3.12 am: PM holds delegation level talks with Australian PM Tony Abbott.

2.34 am: The PM arrived at the Australian Parliament where he was greeted with the ceremonial welcome ceremony.

1.58 am: PM Modi signs the visitor’s book at the War Memorial.

1.47 am: PM visits the War Memorial.

1.45 am: PM visits War Memroial in Canberra. Strikes a pose with his Australian counterpart Tony Abbott.

1.30 am: The High Commission staff in Canberra welcomed the PM who met them while on his way to the War Memorial.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi , who is on a tour to Australia landed in Canberra on Monday night after his trip to Brisbane to attend the G 20 Summit  and Sydney where he addressed the Indian Diaspora at the Allphones Arena.

He is among the three world leaders who have been invited to address the Australian parliament, besides China's Xi Jinping and Britain's David Cameron.

He will be the first Indian Prime Minister to address the Australian parliament.

A meeting with Tony Abbott is scheduled at the Australian PM’s office for bilateral talks, following which, the signing of pacts on social security, transfer of sentenced prisoners and combating narcotics trade, will take place.

The deal on social security is expected to make it easier to swap staff between the two countries and is likely to boost two-way investment. MoUs on culture and tourism are also expected to be signed on Tuesday.