Baby Falak to undergo another life saving surgery?

Battling for survival at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences here, two-year-old baby Falak was taken off the ventilator on Friday morning.

New Delhi: Two-year-old Falak, who has been battling for life at the AIIMS here, has shown signs of improvement and taken off ventilator on Friday.
Doctors said if she responds positively for another few days, they will be able to conduct another life saving surgery on her.

"She was put off ventilator at 6 am. After checking her blood parameters we can say that her septicaemia problem might be responding positively to the antibiotics. But she continues to remain critical and stable," neurosurgeon Dr Deeepak Agarwal said.

"She is unconscious and continues to remain critical. We are waiting for her culture report now," said Agrawal.

She was brought to the hospital on January 18 with severe head injury, both her arms broken, bite marks all over her body and her cheeks branded with hot iron.

The teenage girl, who brought her there claiming to be her mother, had cited a fall from the bed as the reason for the child`s pathetic state.

Falak has already undergone two life saving surgeries till now.

Doctors had yesterday stated that the child has developed high chances of multi-organ failure as the organism that has caused infection in the brain are there in the chest and entered the blood.

Doctors said if Falak continues to respond positively to treatment for another few days, they will be able to perform another round of life saving surgery--shunt
surgery--on her.

"We are conducting a culture test of the samples collected from her body on an everyday basis to check for the level of infection. Once we start get negative results at a stretch we can do the surgery to create a connection between the brain and the abdomen," Dr Agarwal said.

"This will help the body fluid to circulate and not accumulate in the brain posing a life threatening situation," he said.


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