DMK against FDI but `very strongly` backs govt

Government ally DMK said it was against foreign investment in multi-brand retail.

New Delhi: Government ally DMK on Thursday said it was against foreign investment in multi-brand retail but "very strongly" supports the ruling UPA and wants it to complete its full term.

DMK`s Tiruchi Siva told the Rajya Sabha that his party "finds it essential that the government should go for its full term for the progressive measures it has been taking…and we want to keep away communal forces".

The DMK spoke against allowing foreign investment in retail in the Lok Sabha but voted for the government Wednesday. It has 18 MPs in the lower house and seven in the upper house.

In a repeat of its stand, Siva said in the upper house: "DMK very strongly supports the government, but opposes the motion for FDI.

"The DMK has never let its friends down midway.. We started with a mission and the DMK will always be with the UPA."

Terming FDI a "foreign invasion" by multinationals, Siva said: "FDI giants will eat the small farmers and shopkeepers."

He urged the government to start a farmers market instead of bringing in FDI. "Through such a market, farmers can bring their produce directly to the market, such things can be done."

Siva said the government should have gone in for consensus "to assuage the fears in the minds of the people" about FDI.