New EVMs to have paper trail: BEL

EVMs will henceforth generate paper trail of the ballot cast through it, making it safer and tamper-proof, defence PSU BEL said here on Thursday.

New Delhi: Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs)
will henceforth generate paper trail of the ballot cast
through it, making the election process safer and
tamper-proof, defence PSU Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL),
making the EVMs said here on Thursday.
"EC has given us its requirement for EVMs and work is
going on to incorporate new features", BEL Chairman and
Managing Director Anil Kumar said, addding the machines would
be ready for use in another six months.

"The software in the EVM will be modified and a printer
will be attached to it. When you cast a vote, the serial
number and some data will be generated in the form of a
printout. It is to ensure that there is no malpractice in the
voting system," Kumar said.

The printouts will be used later to cross check the
voting data stored in the EVMs.

Kumar said the proposal is still at the trial stage and
next round of tests would take place in the coming months.

"We have already conducted the second round of trials, we
will be seeing the response and it will be further modified.
It could be ready in another six months time," he said.

On whether some of the new machines would be used or
tested in the coming elections, he said "these will not be
used in the coming elections. We got the proposal about five
months back and first time there was a malfunctioning because
of the temperature."
Talking about other features in new EVMs, he said the
machines will be more rugged and smaller in size but with more
computing power.

Claiming that the new EVMs cannot be tampered with, he
said "we can ensure every one that these EVMs are totally
secure and tamper-proof. There is no possibility at all that
anyone can break into it."

BEL has got a contract worth USD 2 billion to supply
these machines to Namibia.

"Several countries had shown interest in our EVMs but
they have their own political compulsions to use paper
ballot," he said, adding the company is ready to take up
export orders.

To ensure the efficiency of new features,the machines
would be tested in various different terrain and climates.

BEL has been deploying its personnel with the EC teams in
the elections also to take care of problems and to ensure that
the machines are used in the right manner.

So far, BEL has supplied around 8 lakh EVMs to the EC and
the old machines would be phased out with the Commission
certifying new models with advance technology.


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