Next 3 days crucial for baby Falak; India prays

The two-year-old baby girl Falak, admitted to AIIMS Trauma Centre, continues to be in critical condition, doctors said on Tuesday.

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: The two-year-old baby girl Falak, who was admitted to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Trauma Centre here with severe head injuries and bite marks on January 18, continues to be in critical condition, doctors said on Tuesday.

The next 72 hours would make it clear whether the baby, who is on ventilator support, could survive as there has been no major material change in her condition after yesterday’s minor brain surgery.

“We are hoping against hope that this child responds to the antibiotics,” Dr MC Mishra said, releasing the medical update on Falak’s condition.

Meanwhile, the nation continues to pray for the baby who has captured everyone’s imagination. Many people are reported to have turned up at the hospital, requesting to adopt the baby.

The Internet, especially the social media, is overflowing with prayers for the baby girl who is battling for her life after her so-called custodians not just failed to take care of her but also battered her.

Dr Sumit Sinha told reporters their main concern is infection Falak’s lungs and brain.

As regards the neurological status, doctors said the baby has been able to maintain it as it was yesterday.

“Right now we are treating her with broad spectrum antibiotics. We are waiting for the culture reports and whatever sensitivity they suggest we will start those antibiotics,” Dr Sinha said.

He added that they might think of another surgery after the culture reports are received.

“There is infection inside the brain fluid. If the infection doesn’t respond to yesterday’s surgery in the next 24-48 hours we might have to think of conducting another surgery,” the doctor said.

In the doctors words, baby Falak’s chances of survival are 50-50.

The police have meanwhile intensified the hunt for the people who have contributed to the girl’s misery.

So far, five people have emerged as the key characters suspected to be behind the baby girl’s condition.

The police are hunting for a 28-year-old man called Rajkumar, alias Dilshad, who "adopted" the baby and gave her to a 14-year-old teenaged girl for upkeep, who in turn admitted Falak to AIIMS with severe injuries.

The teenaged girl has admitted to battering the baby in a fit of rage.

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