Parl panel concerned over slow pace of BPL cover

A Parliamentary Panel expressed concern over the "slow pace and uneven coverage" of BPL survey under SECC.

New Delhi: A Parliamentary Panel on Thursday expressed concern over the "slow pace and uneven coverage" of BPL survey under the Socio Economic and Caste census-2011 (SECC).

Noting that the survery under the SECC is yet to commence in the states including Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Manipur, the Standing Committee on Rural Development asked the government to adopt a "more action-oriented approach" including regular monitoring of the progress in co-ordination with the concerned states so that the survey could be completed "in the right earnest."

The Committee also drew attention of the Department of Rural Development over decreasing trend of employment generation under MGNREGA schemes especially in states like Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

In a statement tabled in Lok Sabha, it has opined the basic methods of assessment of demand under MGNREGA are flawed, due to which the number of days of employment are receding and in the name of `demand driven`, no real efforts are made at local level to ensure that work is given to the people.

The Committee recommended to the government a re-examination of the entire implementation process including creation of durable assets to take remedial meausres.

The Committee, chaired by Sumitra Mahajan, also expressed concern over the ineffective payment of unemployment allowance to households if the work they seek is not given by the government.
It recommended this provision of the Act should be implemented in letter and spirit to ensure that 100 days of wage employment in a year is provided to every household.