RS MPs condemn atrocities on minorities in Pak

Members in RS from various parties expressed concern over the plight of Hindus in Pakistan.

New Delhi: Members in Rajya Sabha from various parties on Thursday expressed concern over the plight of Hindus in Pakistan and asked the government to grant citizenship to those who want to come back.

Initiating a short-duration discussion on issues relating to human rights violations on minorities in Pakistan, Balbir Punj (BJP) cited instances of large-scale atrocities against the Hindus and the damage caused to places of worship.

Punj alleged Hindus were being discriminated against and young girls from the community kidnapped and converted into Islam forcefully. "Even the Pakistan National Human Rights Commission has brought this issue to light," he said.

Recalling a recent incident in which a person granted visa came with the last remains of those who died 20-30 years back, he said, "Government should ensure that the visas are granted immediately."

He said over the years, there has been a gradual decline in Hindu population in Pakistan because of forceful conversion and large-scale eviction. "The city of Lahore, which boasted about 45 to 50 gurudwaras in 1947, has no gurudwara today."

Hussain Dalwai (Cong) said India should raise its voice against atrocities on minorities in Pakistan in the United Nations and ensure that these people can safely stay in the neighbouring country.

"Atrocities against non-Muslim families have to be stopped. India should not maintain silence over what is happening in the neighbouring country. We need to take this matter to the United Nations," he said amidst thumping of desks from all sides.