Uma: Why are only Hindus questioned?

BJP leader Uma Bharati said that it is a widespread tendency to target Hindus when it comes to questionable practices in the name of religion.

Allahabad: Firebrand BJP leader Uma Bharati charged that only Hindus were targeted over questionable practices in the name of religion.

"I do not wish to say anything on Nirmal Baba issue, neither in favour of him nor against him. But I do feel there is a widespread tendency to target Hindus when it comes to questionable practices in the name of religion," Bharati told reporters here.

Bharati`s comments came in the wake of a spate of complaints of fraud against Nirmaljeet Singh, alias Nirmal Baba, a well-known godman who is also a close relative of former Assembly Speaker of Jharkhand and currently an Independent MP Inder Singh Namdhari.

She said, "there are several instances of congregations being held by religious leaders from other faiths where they reportedly perform miracles to alleviate the sufferings of their followers. Such gatherings, which bear a striking similarity to the Nirmal Darbar, are held in the US. A well-known evangelist from South India is also known to be holding similar congregations. But nobody raises a voice against them. That is something I cannot approve of".

"Even on the question of animal sacrifice, there has been a lot of diatribe against the Hindu practice of Bali, though it is well-known that some other major religions of the world are also known to indulge in slaughter of animals on a large scale for celebration of festivals, Bharati said adding "why is it that it is always the Hindus who are placed in the dock?"

Describing Samajwadi Party as a party "comprising elements known for breaking rules", Bharati said she would like to "wait and watch how the party manages to rein in people who form its very backbone.
"It is, indeed, too early to evaluate the performance of Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav. However, the widespread criticism that he is facing on account of recent incidents of unruly behaviour by members of his party are not totally unfair. I had become the CM of Madhya Pradesh when I was about his age. And people had started picking holes in my administration within a week of my taking charge. It is par for the course," the BJP leader, who is now seeking to revive her political career as a member of UP assembly, said.

About speculation that former President A P J Abdul Kalam may be considered again for the post of President, she said, "it was BJP which had made him the President some years ago.

“Whether his candidature would be supported again or not is a policy decision and only the national President of our party is authorized to make a statement on it," Bharati said.
She also welcomed the decision of social activist Anna Hazare and yoga guru Ramdev to help each other in the campaign against corruption and said "I pray, standing here near the holy confluence of Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati, that they succeed in their endeavours".