UNGA`s position should be respected: India
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Last Updated: Thursday, March 29, 2012, 23:00
United Nations: Extending support to efforts to strengthen the role of the UN General Assembly, India has said revitalisation of the 193-member body is possible only when its position as the chief deliberative and policy-making organ of the UN is respected in "letter and spirit".

The General Assembly should take the lead in setting the global agenda and restoring the centrality of the United Nations in formulating multilateral approaches to resolving transnational issues, India's Permanent Representative to the UN Hardeep Singh Puri said at a session on UNGA revitalisation here.

India will offer its constructive support and participation in efforts to strengthen the role of General Assembly as the chief deliberative, legislative and policy-making and representative body of the international community.

Puri said an important aspect of the issue of General Assembly revitalisation is that a proper relationship of respect for the respective mandates has to be established between the General Assembly and the Security Council. India, which joined the Security Council last year, has noticed "firsthand" that the Council's agenda is "overburdened".

"The Council busies itself with themes which no doubt and are certainly important, but do not appear directly connected to the real and immediate threats to international peace and security.

This has left the Council with less time to focus on the real hotspots that constitute the real threats to international peace and security," Puri said.

"We believe that remedial measures would only be half complete in the absence of serious introspection on what the General Assembly itself can do to mitigate the situation," he added.

The other area which Puri said needs attention in the UNGA revitalisation is that the General Assembly must have a greater say in the process of selection of the Secretary General.

"The continued circumscribing of the Assembly's role and responsibilities in the process of selection and appointment of the Secretary General needs to change in the interests of the United Nations system in general and the Assembly's prerogatives in particular," Puri said.

The General Assembly itself had limited its role in the UN chief's selection process and the body will now have to "claw back" to its rightful place in the process of selecting the Secretary-General.

Puri the current practice can be modified to allow for the Security Council to send a panel of names that the Assembly could choose from as against a single nomination.

He added that candidates should also be given time to interact with and present their views to the member-states.

"We would welcome closer consideration of procedures for selecting, appointing and confirming the heads of the major Specialised Agencies, Funds and Programmes with a view to ensuring transparency, legitimacy and balanced representation," he said adding that the General Assembly and other entities part of the UN system must reflect diplomatic best practices in its day to day.


First Published: Thursday, March 29, 2012, 23:00

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