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It takes more than just good content for a video to go viral

Last Updated: Monday, July 1, 2013 - 17:38

Washington: A research at Kansas State University has revealed that good content alone can not make a video to go viral.

The study suggests that someone needs to endorse it and the more well known the person is, the better the result would be.

"The content has to make people stay and want to watch it and pass it on to others," said Lindsey Elliott, a May 2013 master`s graduate in journalism and mass communications. "But with billions of videos on YouTube, people won`t see it if they don`t know it`s out there."

Elliott studied what makes a nonprofessional video go viral by looking at "I`m Farming and I Grow It," a musical parody of LMFAO`s "I`m Sexy and I Know It." The video was created by Greg Peterson, a May 2013 Kansas State University graduate, and his younger siblings, of Assaria.

The video touts the importance of farming. The family has followed up on its video success, most recently with its third video parody, "A Fresh Breath of Farm Air," a "Fresh Prince" parody.

Elliott did her research under Louise Benjamin, professor of journalism and mass communications. Elliott`s model for a nonprofessional video to go viral shows it takes both content and the recommendation of an opinion leader.

For "I`m Farming and I Grow It" it took Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas praising the video on his Facebook page. Posted June 25, 2012, the video has more than 8.5 million views on YouTube.

"A lot of people said they saw it mentioned on FOX News or `Good Morning America,` but media wouldn`t have gotten a hold of it if there weren`t a lot of views to begin with," Elliott said.

Her research hints at what cat video viewers have long suspected: cute animals make for lots of views. Elliott said there`s also room for further research to unify the use of the word "viral."

"Everybody has this idea that viral just means a lot of views.I would argue it has to hit a lot of different mediums and different groups of viewers and have longevity." she added.


First Published: Monday, July 1, 2013 - 17:37
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