Baby girl abandoned as couples fight over a boy

An eight-day old baby girl lies abandoned in a Rajasthan hospital as two couples fight over their claims for a boy who was born on the same night.

Jodhpur: An eight-day old baby girl lies
abandoned in a Rajasthan hospital as two couples fight over
their claims for a boy who was born on the same night.

None of the couples is ready to accept the girl who was
mistakenly exchanged with the boy by negligent hospital staff
on March 25.

The girl is currently under the supervision of the
nursery unit of the Ummed hospital. She is even deprived of
breastfeeding which is important for her healthy development.

The hospital administration is not ready to allow one of
the mothers to breastfeed without taking an undertaking from
them that the girl belongs to them and they would take

"We have sent samples to Delhi for a DNA test to identify
biological parents of the girl. After the report, it will be
clear who the parents of the girl are," Dr Narendra Changani,
Superintendent of the hospital, said today.

After delivery, the hospital staff gave the boy to Poonam
Kanwar wife of Chain Singh but after around two hours, they
said that the boy was mistakenly handed over to her and took
him back. The staffers then gave her the girl saying she was
born to her.

The boy was handed over the Reshmi Devi wife of Sagar Ram
after which Chain Singh and his family members created a
ruckus and claimed that the boy belongs to them and rejected
the girl.

Another official said that soon after the issue was
raised, a committee looked into the matter and prima-facie
found that the boy belongs to Reshmi and the girl belongs to
Poonam Kanwar.

Matching of blood samples also made it clear that the
girl belonged to Poonam. However, they were not satisfied so
the hospital administration decided to go in for a DNA test.

Meanwhile, Chain Singh filed a complaint with Khanda
Phalsa police station against the hospital administration
seeking inquiry into the matter on March 26.

"We recorded the statements of the couple and the
hospital staffers. It was a mistake of the staff and to make
it clear that who are the parents of the girl, a DNA test is
being conducted. The report is expected to come to the
hospital in 45 days," a sub-inspector who is investigating the
case, said.

A relative of Reshmi Devi, Doonger Ram, said that they
have been asked by the hospital administration to not leave
the hospital for two months.

"We have been asked to not to leave the hospital till the
DNA report arrives in a period of 40-50 days. We are ready to
accept the report but this is not justified that we are
restricted to stay in the hospital," he said.

Husband of Poonam Kanwar, Chain Singh, who is a private
school teacher in Barmer, said "I apprised the superintendent
yesterday that my wife wants to breastfeed the girl on
humanitarian ground because it was necessary for the newborn
but he said that I will have to give a written undertaking
that I am ready to accept the girl which is not possible
before the DNA report".

It is the right of the girl to have a proper care but the
hospital administration itself is neglecting this by now
allowing my wife for breastfeeding, he said.

Jodhpur District Collector Siddharth Mahajan also said
that the DNA report was awaited to solve the issue.

"Poonam Kanwar and Chain Singh are taking two stands. On
the one hand, they are not ready to accept the girl, and on
the other hand they say that they want to take care of the
girl for breastfeeding. We are looking into the matter to
ensure that the health of the girl is not affected in this
dispute," he said.


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