2 top Haqqani network commanders arrested in Afghanistan

Sayf-ul-Rahman was captured in the eastern province of Wardak, 35 km west of capital city Kabul.

Kabul: Two top commanders of the dreaded
Haqqani network of Taliban, responsible for attacks on US-led
forces, have been arrested in joint military operations by the
Afghan and coalition soldiers in eastern Afghanistan.

A senior Haqqani network leader has been arrested in a
joint military operation by Afghan and coalition security
force in Sayedabad district in eastern Wardak province, a
statement by the US-led coalition forces said today.

"The leader directed kidnappings and other insurgent
operations against Afghan civilians, Afghan security forces
and coalition security forces throughout the province," it

The security forces detained two additional insurgents
and destroyed multiple AK-47s and grenades on the site in
Wardak province, 40 kms west of Afghan capital Kabul.

Another Haqqani network leader along with several
suspects was captured in Bak district of Khost province, a
district near the border with Pakistan, the statement said,
without identifying the captured leaders.

"The leader organises roadside bombings and other attacks
against Afghan and coalition security forces throughout the
district," it added.

Haqqani network is based in the other side of the border
and is operating in eastern provinces of the country.

Haqqani network has carried out most of the attacks like
roadside bomb attacks and suicide strikes against the Afghan
and international security forces in the eastern provinces
near the border with Pakistan.