`LeT using internet to radicalise individuals`

LeT is responsible for a number of terror attacks such as the 2008 Mumbai strikes which killed 166 individuals.

Washington: Identifying Pakistan-based LeT as
a lethal terror group with primary focus on India, a key US
attorney has said the outfit is expanding its wings to the
West, in particular America, and using internet propaganda to
radicalise and recruit individuals.

"Foreign terrorist organisations like LeT use internet
propaganda to radicalise and recruit individuals to wage
violent jihad and spread terror," Neil H MacBride, US Attorney
for the Eastern District of Virginia, told reporters.

LeT is responsible for a number of terror attacks such as
the 2008 Mumbai strikes which killed 166 individuals,
including six Americans -- two of them from Virginia.

Referring to the conviction of Pakistani national Jubair
Ahmad, a resident of Virginia, for supporting LeT, MacBride
said the US would pursue all those who provide material
support to terrorists.

This is the fifth case of home-grown terrorism in eastern
district of Virginia that FBI has brought in the last year.
"It`s a significant threat that we take very seriously,"
MacBride said.

Describing LeT as a "dangerous and deadly" foreign
terrorist organisation, he said: "Over the years they have
tried to change their name. And each time the US government
has responded by classifying their pseudo or nick names as the
foreign terrorist organisations."

Ahmad, 24, pleaded guilty before a US court of charges
that he provided material support to LeT.

"This demonstrates our tireless commitment to disrupt and
dismantle (what) we consider to be material support (to the
terror outfits). We take radicalisation on the internet, on
any firms of recruitment extremely seriously," said Brenda L
Heck, Special Agent in Charge for FBI`s Washington Field
Office Counter-terrorism Division.

Ahmad told the court that he prepared and uploaded a
`jihadi` video on You Tube at the direction of Talha Saeed,
son of the LeT commander Hafiz Saeed.

Court documents allege that during his teenage years in
Pakistan, Ahmad received indoctrination training from LeT and
later immigrated to the United States with his family in 2007.

In September 2010, Ahmad allegedly conspired with Talha
to produce a propaganda video for LeT, which contained images
showing violent `mujahideen` operations while a prayer by the
LeT leader is heard in the background, calling for the support
of `jihad` and the `mujahideen`.

"LeT is a ... deadly organisation. The head of the
organisation is an individual whose voice appears on the video
tape. It`s a lecture or prayer that calls for violent jihad.
The son of that individual (Talha) contacted him (Ahmed) to
prepare that video.

"So he (Talha) is a significant person within LeT and has
the ability to reach out to someone here in Northern
Virginia," MacBride told reporters in response to a question.

Although the name Mumbai pops up during the investigation
of this case, MacBride said there is no information on the
Mumbai terrorist attacks from this probe.

According to the plea document, at one point, Ahmad asked
Talha if he wanted to include an image of the Mumbai attacks
to show the power of LeT. Talha replied that he should not use
anything referring to Mumbai.

"The significance is that this man, Mr Ahmad probably
volunteered to make a video tape to recruit and radicalise new
jihadists to join LeT," the US attorney said.


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