Maldives could face civil war: Dhunya Maumoon

Expressing concern over Commonwealth seeking early polls, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Dhunya Maumoon, said Maldives could face civil war.

Male: Expressing "concern" over Commonwealth
seeking early polls, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs,
Dhunya Maumoon, on Saturday said Maldives could face civil war.

Dhunya, daughter of former dictator Maumoon Gayoom said a
number of steps have to be taken before an early election date
can be announced and it includes conclusion of all-party talks
that the present government has initiated.

She welcomed the latest statement by Commonwealth
Ministerial Action Group (CMAG) but said it`s a concern that
early election is mentioned.

CMAG had this week expressed "disappointment" and "deep
concern" at the "lack of progress achieved so far through the
all-party talks process to arrive at a political settlement in
Maldives that would enable the holding of early elections in
the current calendar year, as expected by the Group."

However Dhunya in a press conference early morning said
that without reaching an agreement through the talks, the
nation could face a "civil war which may escalate and a nation
like ours going for a civil war means a lot to the
infrastructure and economy of the country".

Arguing that the current regime headed by President
Mohammed Waheed was "legitimate", Dhunya stressed on the need
for all-party talks.

She said foreign countries too believe that the present
government is legitimate and if there is any doubt about its
legitimacy, the government has formed a National Inquiry
Commission and they are working with the assistance from
international bodies such as UN.

Dhunya said without the cooperation of all parties, there
is no way for an early election as the environment has
worsened politically.

She said even the government shares CMAG`s concern about
the talks.

She said ousted President Mohammed Nasheed`s party--
Maldivian Democratic Party-- is still blocking the way for the
talks as well as the Parliament session.