`Pakistan a radical Islamist government`

Three American lawmakers espousing the cause of people of Balochistan on Tuesday alleged that the Pakistani government is a "radical Islamist" one and is providing weapons and resources to extremist groups.

Washington: Three American lawmakers
espousing the cause of people of Balochistan on Tuesday alleged
that the Pakistani government is a "radical Islamist" one and
is providing weapons and resources to extremist groups.

Seeking independence of Balochistan, the three
Congressmen led by Dana Rohrabacher at a news conference held
at the National Press Club here claimed that Pakistan is not a
friend of the United States, but an American enemy.

The two other Congressmen were Louie Gohmert and Steve
King. The three have sponsored and co-sponsored a
Congressional resolution in support of freedom of Baluchistan.

Rohrabacher said Baloch, who were forcibly annexed into
Pakistan soon after independence in 1947, have a right to
their own country.

Rohrabacher, who said he was the "best friend of
Pakistan" when he started his stint in the US Congress in
1988, did not know about the atrocities committed on the
Baloch people.

"I had no idea that the Pakistanis were personally into
so much in promoting radical Islam and did not support the
democratic principles that I thought bonded us during the cold
war," he said.

"The Government of Pakistan is radical Islam. It has been
providing weapons and resources to radical Muslim elements who
again use them against Americans. All these years we thought
that Pakistan is our friend. We now find out that are really
our enemy," Rohrabacher said, adding that now is the time for
reassessment of America`s position in South Asia, in
particular its relationship with India.

Acknowledging that they haven`t received much support of
their point of view in the United States Congress and the
stand of the Obama Administration is completely different from
theirs, the three lawmakers conceded that this is the
beginning of a long journey aimed to achieve the freedom for
the Baloch people and change the policies of the United States
Government in this regard.

Identifying Pakistan as an enemy of the US, Gohmert said
placating the enemy is not a god foreign policy. It turns out
Pakistan is harboring enemies of ours...our enemy is not their
enemy...when you look at all these factors.

Pakistan tried to help the Taliban...now they not only
terrorising the Baloch people which they have done for
decades, they are also terrorizing American soldiers who are
just trying to keep peace in Afghanistan," Gohmert said.

"It`s very clear that they (Baloch people) are an
oppressed population just as the Kurds are an oppressed
population and they have the right to have their own country
and the United States should be on their side," Rohrabacher

This, he argued is in the national interest of the US
now that Pakistan has proven itself to be an America`s enemy
rather than a friend.

"We can no longer lie to ourselves the horrible crime
that is being committed in Pakistan against its own people
including the Balochs. So we should reposition ourselves, have
closer relationship with India considering that India is not
been engaged in those type of activities," he said.

"We believe that the people of Baluchistan have a right
to self-determination. They have been oppressed ever since,"
Rohrabacher said.

Responding to questions, Rohrabacher denied allegations
that either he or his group of lawmakers who are supporting
the cause of Baluchistan -- are receiving financial support
from any some groups.

He said that his position on Kashmir hasn`t changed, but
decried those who try to divert the attention of the ground
realities in Baluchistan, by bringing in the Kashmir issue.

"I find it despicable that this tactics is being used let`s not talk about Baluchistan, let`s talk about Kashmir?.

The reason it is being brought up now is in order to
deflect public attention of the Pakistani government against
the Balochs," Rohrabacher said.

"I do not have a double standard," he added.


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