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Rae Bareli coach factory: 613 to be given jobs

Railways will provide jobs to 613 persons in compensation to their land acquired for the Rae Bareli coach factory.

Updated: Jun 17, 2012, 14:02 PM IST

New Delhi: Railways will provide jobs to 613 persons in compensation to their land acquired for the Rae Bareli coach factory, putting an end to the deadlock over the issue.

Railways had acquired 541 hectares of land for the coach factory out of which 283 hectares belonged to private land owners.

There were total 1,413 persons who claimed that their land had been used for the coach factory, but after verification, the Railways said only 613 persons can claim jobs in compensation to their land.

"After the verification of land records provided by Uttar Pradesh government, only 613 persons can claim railway jobs for Rae Bareli factory. As per the railways` job for land policy, a person can claim job if 75 per cent of his total land has been used for the project," said a senior Railway Ministry official involved with the project.
According to the policy, jobs will be given to the land owners in `Group D` category.

Earlier, there was a deadlock over the job for land issue as Railways did not have details of the record of land owners.

Meanwhile, efforts are also on to roll out 25 Linke Holfmann Bush (LHB) coaches from the factory and to induct these new coaches at railways fleet.

"Though coaches were ready since May last year, railways could not use them as the factory could not be formally commissioned due to the deadlock over the job for land issue," the official said.

The delay in rolling out newly made AC coaches from the Rae Bareli coach factory is causing a severe space crunch at the factory for the further manufacturing of rail coaches.

The Rae Bareli coach factory, equipped to manufacture lightweight stainless steel coaches, is expected to cater to Railways` increasing demand for coaches by annually rolling out about 1,000 units.
"Our target is to manufacture 1,000 coaches every year, but we would produce 60 coaches a year for the first two years as per the first phase production target," the official said.

Currently, the Railways requires about 4,000 coaches per year with the launch of nearly 100 new trains every year. The annual requirement, however, is likely to go up to 6,000 coaches, according to the `Vision 2020`.

The manufacturing of coaches at Rae Bareli factory is crucial for Railways as the national transporter depends upon it to meet its growing requirement.