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Austrian Muslims win fight over Lego’s `anti-Islamic` logo

Last Updated: Monday, April 1, 2013 - 16:42

London: Austria`s Turkish community has claimed a victory in its fight against Danish toy giant Lego.

The move comes after the firm agreed to withdraw a Star Wars toy set featuring a mosque-like building inhabited by an obese, hookah-smoking alien, following complaints that it was anti-Muslim.

Lego added the `Jabba`s Palace` play set to its Star Wars collection in 2012.

In January this year the set started to provoke outrage in Austria`s Islamic community after a Muslim father found that his sister had given one to his son as a present.

According to the Independent, the game, which is aimed at children aged from nine to 14, features Jabba the Hutt in his intergalactic lair.

Jabba, the slug-like villain who first appeared in the 1983 film Return of the Jedi, lives in a domed, oriental-looking building equipped with rockets and machine guns.

He also smokes a water pipe and keeps Princess Leia in chains for use as his personal slave.

According to the report, furious Muslim critics complained that the Lego set`s Asian and oriental figures were `deceitful and criminal` characters such as gun-runners, slave masters and terrorists.

Lego initially dug in its heels and refused the request. The company insisted the product was merely a faithful reproduction.

But then it emerged it had backed down and agreed to end its production from 2014 onwards.


First Published: Monday, April 1, 2013 - 16:42
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