Indian-origin Cong candidate faces racist attacks

Raja Krishamoorthi, a Democratic Congressional candidate of Indian-origin has come under apparent racist attacks.

Chicago: Raja Krishamoorthi, a Democratic
Congressional candidate of Indian-origin for Illinois` newly
created district, has come under apparent racist attacks from
Tea Party bloggers for protesting against an event organised
by them.

Krishamoorthi,(38), one-time advisor to President Barack
Obama, encountered unexpected attacks after his appearance at
the TeaCon 2011 Convention last autumn.

Tea Party groups from around the country gathered for the
TEACON 2011 convention in Schaumburg, Illinois, an event which
saw speeches from tea party notables such as Glenn Beck,
Andrew Breitbart, and former Republican Presidential Candidate
Herman Cain.

Krishamoorthi decided to participate in a previously
planned protest outside the event to show his opposition to
Tea Party grandstanding and demonstrate his commitment to
protecting the interests of his constituents.

During the protest, Krishamoorthi was singled out by Tea
Party activists, who later published his profile on the
conservative blog "biggovernment. org".

While the profile labels Krishamoorthi as a communist,
the comments on the page go much further, showing distinct
racist undertones and stereotyping the Indian-American

Readers insinuated that Krishamoorthi was an illegal
immigrant, writing "Love that immigration act of `65", despite
the fact that he legally emigrated from India with his parents
when he was 3 months old.

Reacting to the attacks, Mike Murray, Krishamoorthi`s
campaign spokesman, said "The fact that these divisive and
discriminatory comments are not chastised shows the racist
undertones of the Tea Party, and a more professional news
outlet would have deleted them immediately".

Krishnamoorthi said, "It`s sad to see political discourse
sink into bigotry and wilful ignorance."
"Our country was made by immigrants and we have
always been strengthened by our great diversity. As an elected
representative, I hope to combat such racist rhetoric in our
nation`s capital and will strive to bring civility and common
sense to our political discourse.

Krishnamoorthi will be running for election in
the Democratic primary on March 20th, and if elected would be
the only South Asian serving in the US Congress.