‘Self-immolation by Tibetan monks a grave sin’

A Chinese state run daily said any defence of suicide is distortion of doctrines of Buddhism.

Beijing: Terming recent self-immolations of
Tibetan Buddhist monks against the Chinese rule a "grave sin"
and violation of Buddhist tenets, a Chinese state run daily
said any defence of suicide is distortion of doctrines of

"Several Buddhist monks and nuns have committed suicide
in the Tibetan regions of Sichuan Province recently. By
burning themselves to death they have broken one of the core
tenets of Buddhism in an extreme and brutal way", state run
People`s Daily said in a commentary.

Nine Monks and two nuns from a Buddhist monastery in
Sichuan Province neighbouring Tibet burnt themselves in recent
months, reportedly to protest against "repressive policies" of
the Chinese government in Tibet and to demand the return of
the Dalai Lama, according to overseas Tibetan rights groups.

As Buddhists, they should live by one of the Five
Precepts or rules that prohibits killing or harming any living
being, including themselves, the Chinese daily said.

"According to Tibetan Buddhism, taking the life of a
human being is prohibited. Killing another, suicide, as well
as inciting and instigating others to kill are all grave sins.

"A person can only be considered a true spiritual
practitioner if he or she does no harm to any living being and
does not kill or cause others to kill," it said.

"Some people with ulterior motives have claimed that
self-immolation is not against Buddhist doctrines, because it
is free of selfish motives".

However, Buddhists should endeavour to protect and take
care of all living creatures, the daily said adding that the
Noble Eightfold Path, which is the Buddhist code of behaviour,
requires right conduct, stipulates abstaining from taking
life, including suicide.

"There has never been any Buddhist doctrine encouraging
people to sacrifice themselves to Buddha by committing
suicide", it said.


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