Terror suspects enter UK ahead of Olympics

Terror suspects have entered the UK without necessary security checks, according to security officials at Heathrow Airport.

Last Updated: Jul 15, 2012, 15:10 PM IST

London: Terror suspects listed in the Home Office watch list have entered the UK before the Olympics without necessary security checks, according to security officials at Heathrow Airport.

According to The Guardian, one senior border officer said inexperienced new recruits deployed to shorten queues after complaints over lengthy waiting times, are repeatedly ``missing`` passengers who should be referred to counter terrorism officers if they reach passport control.

The official said he was personally aware that the staff has waved off three terror suspects, all of whose names are registered at the Home Office suspect index system.

Border officials should immediately notify counter terrorism police or MI5 if they suspect that "SX travellers" are attempting to enter the UK.

Another colleague alleged that five suspects were "missed" in one day earlier this month. "It`s all new faces," the senior official said, adding, "The rest of the staff, I have no idea where they have come from, how long they are here for, what their background is. These are people who have been forced by their own department to come here."

Last month, John Evans, the head of MI5, said the Games offered an "attractive target for our enemies, and they will be at the centre of the world`s attention".

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the UK Border Agency official said: "How many other misses have occurred? The missing of counter-terrorism `hits` is a huge thing, but new recruits are not getting enough time to be taught.”

"It is vital these people do not get in without being noted and that the information is passed to the police or security services. Once they`re in, you`ve no idea where they might be going," he added.

It is understood that counter terrorism police at Heathrow are urgently seeking a meeting with senior UKBA management over the missed suspects.