Terror threat looms over London Olympics

A report said that private security firm, G4S, staff hired to look into London Olympics security are cheating their way ‘through the tests’.

Updated: Jul 24, 2012, 17:26 PM IST

London: The credibility of Olympic Games security has been questioned after it was revealed that private security firm, G4S, staff hired to look into the games security are cheating their way ‘through the tests’, according to a report.

According to The Guardian, trainees who failed the test are being given repeated opportunities to get the right answers for the same questions.

They are also being allowed to talk with others during the exams under the noses of instructors, a source has said.

Recruits are given only 20 minutes’ practice on the real machines that will be used at the Olympic venues to stop visitors bringing in dangerous materials, or possibly an IED (improvised explosive device).

G4S insisted it has followed industry standards and that the tests were designed and approved by the Olympic organisers, LOCOG. It said it was not "uncommon or wrong" for trainees to repeat tests. Trainees have to pass seven tests, or modules, and in each module they are shown images of 25 suspect bags.
They can only pass if they have a pass rate of 75 percent, or more.

"Only two people out of a group of 40 passed the exam first time," one G4S trainee said. "Those who failed were allowed to retake the exact same modules, endlessly repeating them until they scraped through. We were allowed to do the modules again and again, looking at the exact same bags, so by process of elimination you can pass the modules. You could retake the test as many times as you liked before the end of the day at 5 pm," he added.