Why Radha did not marry Krishna?

Temples have idols of Radha alongside Krishna and not of his many wives.

Why Radha did not marry Krishna?
Sculptures of Radha and Krishna. Pic courtesy: Thinkstock image.

Mumbai: You cannot imagine Krishna without Radha. The bond between the two is so divine and special that their names are collectively taken as Radhe-Krishna. The two are incomplete without each other and hence, the two symbolise love in its purest form.

Krishna was not married to Radha but he is always accompanied by her till date! Temples have idols of Radha alongside Krishna and not of his many wives.

A lot has been speculated about Radha’s presence in Krishna’s life. Different schools of thoughts opine differently when it comes to the magnitude of influence Radha had on Krishna and his life.

Krishna’s ‘Raasleela’ with his Gopis and primarily with Radha reflected love that had a spiritual inclination. This love saga was certainly not sexual in nature.

Why is Radha so important?

Radha is believed to have been Krishna’s source of strength, his friend, his advisor, confidant and guide. Many believe she was a fictitious character in Krishna’s life, or rather his separated self.

According to a popular folklore Radha had once asked Krishna why the two aren’t married. Krishna responded to her innocent question by saying, “marriage happens between two people. You and I are one. How can we get married?”

Also, the difference between love and marriage is proved here. Love cannot be bound by social norms, barriers of caste, creed or colour while marriage is a social arrangement when two individuals are pronounced man and wife.

Krishna is inseparable from Radha. The two symbolise selfless love that’s devoid of lust.

And hence, the two will continue to inspire many more generations across many centuries in future.

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