Hong Kong Open, Super Series Final: PV Sindhu vs Tai Tzu Ying; Sameer Verma vs NG Ka Long Angus — As it happened...

Indian badminton finds itself bracing up for a possible Super Sunday as PV Sindhu and Sameer Verma players their respective singles finals at the 2016 Hong Kong Open today.

Hong Kong Open, Super Series Final: PV Sindhu vs Tai Tzu Ying; Sameer Verma vs NG Ka Long Angus — As it happened...

Heartbreak for India as both PV Sindhu and Sameer Verma finished second best at the 2016 Hong Kong Open Super Series today.


Sameer Verma 11 - 21 NG Ka Long Angus: Then, a confident Angus produced a smash shot on Sameer's left court for his game point. And he became the first home player to win the title. The game lasted 19 minutes.

Sameer Verma 11 - 19 NG Ka Long Angus: Angus having gain a sizeable lead, forced Sameer to play attacking game, and in the return the Hong Kong player got easy points.

Sameer Verma 11 - 17 NG Ka Long Angus: Two points on the trot to reduce the gap and keep himself the match. A nice, calculated drop shot at the near post.

It was followed by a lucky point with Angus letting go a teasing flight, which landed inside the left corner.

An exchange of single points followed.

Sameer Verma 7 - 16 NG Ka Long Angus: Sameer seemed to have lost the steam in these fast rallies.

He finally won a point to make it 7-15. But again, he lost the next point.

Sameer Verma 6 - 14 NG Ka Long Angus: After the break, Sameer won a couple of points, but lost ground as Angus added four to his tally.

Sameer Verma 4 - 11 NG Ka Long Angus: A smash down the line on Sameer's right court, then an unforced error while returning gave the Hong Kong boy four point lead at 3-7.

Angus then widened the gap with four more points. TIME-OUT.

Sameer Verma 3 - 5 NG Ka Long Angus: Classic point from Sameeer. He first made Angus run the for cover, then set up for a brilliant drop shot.

After couple of quick points, they engaged in a long rally, before Sameer sending his back-hand return wide.

Sameer Verma 1 - 3 NG Ka Long Angus: First point to Angus as Sameer sent his return long. Angus got another with a smash. Sameer played the next rally into the net.

The three-point run ended with an error at net.


Sameer Verma 21 - 10 NG Ka Long Angus: After a point each, Sameer got to his first game point. And he won the game thanks to a wide return from Angus in the baseline. The game lasted 16 minutes.

Sameer Verma 19 - 9 NG Ka Long Angus: Ten-point gap maintained in the next couple of rallies, but Angus reduced it with a point, his ninth of the game. BTW, Sameer changed his racquet.

And soon, he regained the 10-point gap.

Sameer Verma 17 - 7 NG Ka Long Angus: Sameer increased the tempo, playing all the shots in his book. The last point, a brilliantly set up rally, ending with a smash.

A ten-point lead for the Indian.

Sameer Verma 13 - 7 NG Ka Long Angus: Sameer raced away with a 8-point lead in the second game. But Angus stopped Sameer's run with a lucky point at 13.

Sameer Verma 11 - 5 NG Ka Long Angus: Then followed exchanges of serves. And Sameer found the rhythm to dictate the rally.


Sameer Verma 8 - 3 NG Ka Long Angus: Sameer's run ended with a telling smash from Angus. The Indian shuttler reached to the shuttle, but his return crashed into the net.

But he soon won the service back.

Sameer Verma 7 - 2 NG Ka Long Angus: Sameer Verma won successive points to gain a five-point lead. Good time to consolidate. Great return from the Indian shuttler.

Sameer Verma  1 -  1 NG Ka Long Angus: The script followed in the second game too. Angus started with powerful smash, while Sameer contended with defense.

Game 1

Sameer Verma 15 - 21 NG Ka Long Angus: After taking points, Sameer sent his backhand return wide. Taking advantage, Angus extended the lead to game point. And he got it in the first chance. 14-20, in 15 minutes.

Sameer Verma 12 - 17 NG Ka Long Angus: Then, the momentum shifted with Angus taking four points on the trot. The Hong Kong player is clearly the aggressor in these rallies, and he is getting the returns.

Sameer Verma 12 - 13 NG Ka Long Angus: Brilliant fight back from the Indian. He almost leveled the score, but a wide drop shot ended his run.

Sameer Verma 8 - 12 NG Ka Long Angus: Another couple of smashes from Sameer, and the differnece is only 3.

But the Indian player lost the next point, only to win the service back again, thanks to an unforced error from Angus at the net.

Sameer Verma 5 - 11 NG Ka Long Angus: Two back-to-back points for Sameer as he reduced the gap, but Angus yet again played a smash which the Indian failed to keep in play.


Sameer Verma 3 - 9 NG Ka Long Angus: Sameer got his first real chance to punish his opponent, and he just did it with a smash. But Angus responded with a brilliant drop at the net.

Sameer Verma 1 - 7 NG Ka Long Angus: Sameer, who has a 2-0 lead over the Hong Kong player in head-to-head, compounded his worries by playing too early, and often times crashing into the net.

Six point lead for the home boy.

Sameer Verma 1 - 5 NG Ka Long Angus: Early lead for Angus with a series of killer smashes.

Sameer Verma 1 - 1 NG Ka Long Angus: The home boy started the proceedings, winning the first point from the service. But the Indian shuttler won the service back with a smash.

13:40 IST: Players are out.

Sameer Verma's final match will be played once the Mixed Doubles final is over. It's in the second game.

Stay put for Sameer Verma's final. He is chasing first Super Series title. It's re-scheduled for 13:05 IST.

Sindhu failed to keep up with Tai Tzu-Ying's pace. After losing that one-sided first game, the India ace was always playing catch-up. Tzu-Ying, who defeated world number one Carolina Marin yesterday, is certainly the future of women's badminton. Some of those shots she played today were simply superb.

Thus, Olympic silver-medallist Sindhu's quest for a second successive women's singles title ended in disappointment, losing 15-21 17-21 in a clash which lasted 41 minutes. It was sweet revenge for Tzu Ying, who had lost to Sindhu most recently in the Rio Olympic Games. She now leads 5-3 in the head-to-head record against the Indian.


PV Sindhu 17 - 21 Tai Tzu-Ying: But it was not over. Sindhu saved one match point with a brilliant smash shot. Unluckily for her, it was all she could do today. Tzu-Ying won in her second match point. Game lasted 23 minutes.

PV Sindhu 16 - 20 Tai Tzu-Ying: Then, Tzu-Yinf produced an unplayable net play. It was followed by a long return from Sindhu. Match point.

PV Sindhu 16 - 18 Tai Tzu-Ying: It's now or never for Sindhu, and she has two back-to-back points. But another silly mistake at the net allowed Tzu-Ying to escape.

Then, the rally of the tournament. Tzu-Ying continued to keep the rally alive against a series of power smashes. Point to Sindhu, finally.

PV Sindhu 13 - 17 Tai Tzu-Ying: Sindhu produced a telling cross court smash to reduce the gap, the she soon lost the next point. Another smash shot and her return crashing into the net.

PV Sindhu 12 - 15 Tai Tzu-Ying: The world number three is giving Sindhu a thrashing at Kowloon. She called Sindhu at the net, then from a high return, made a killing smash.

But Sindhu made a strong response, with her own smash. The Indian shuttler then wasted the chance, with a silly mistake at the net.

It was followed by a fabulous net play from Tzu-Ying. Just brilliant.

PV Sindhu 11 - 10 Tai Tzu-Ying: What a miss. Tzu-Ying got an open court, but she ended up sending the shuttle long. Time-out.

PV Sindhu 10 - 10 Tai Tzu-Ying: Sindhu, after leveling the score, tried to play a tight net play. But she failed, crashing there.

But a long return from Tzu-Ying brought the score at level.

PV Sindhu 8 - 9 Tai Tzu-Ying: Wonderful finishing from the Indian girl, a perfectly placed drop shot at the near post. Then, a loose play from Sindhu allowed her opponent to level the score 8-8. It was followed by a drop shot at far post and Tzu-Ying has 9-8 lead.

PV Sindhu 7 - 7 Tai Tzu-Ying:  A jump smash from Sindhu, then Tzu-Ying responded with a feigned drop shot.

A long rally ensued, with Sindhu sending her return long. 6-6.

A long service from Tzu-Ying has Sindhu pumped up. 7-6. Sindhu then committed the same mistake. A long return for 7-7.

PV Sindhu 4 - 4 Tai Tzu-Ying: What an rally. It witnessed both the players scampering for cover and yet making the rally alive with brilliant returns. But Sindhu sent her return long, and thus giving her opponent a return in the game. Sindhu was leading 4-1.

PV Sindhu 2 - 1 Tai Tzu-Ying: Early lead for Sindhu as Tzu-Ying sent her return long. Sindhu then placed a well disguised drop shot for a two-point lead.


PV Sindhu 15 - 21 Tai Tzu-Ying: Angry, probably, by that body shot, Tzu-Ying produced a smash. Travelling.

Sindhu responded with a net play point. But Tzu-Ying was too good for a lame service from Sindhu. One-two, and point.

Easy wrap up for the former champion. 21-15 in 19 minutes.

PV Sindhu 14 - 18 Tai Tzu-Ying: A wide return from Tzu-Ying backhand. Then, a drop shot landing on the line for Sindhu.

It was followed by a brilliant relay with Tzu-Ying making an outrageous return from behind, but Sindhu was there to make the killing. A body shot. Apologies, and accepted.

PV Sindhu 11 - 18 Tai Tzu-Ying: Two quick points, one of each, as Tzu-Ying inched closer to first game.

Another point to the Chinese Taipei girl, and Sindhu changed her racquet.

PV Sindhu 10 - 16 Tai Tzu-Ying: Finally, a point for Sindhu, then another. But Tzu-Ying targeted Sindhu's body for a power smash point.

PV Sindhu 8 - 15 Tai Tzu-Ying: From power smashes to brilliant deceptive drop shots, Tzu-Ying has shown her brilliance. No response from Sindhu. It's become a one-way traffic. Eight straight points.

PV Sindhu 8 - 11 Tai Tzu-Ying: Whole array of shots from the Chinese Taipei girl. And we hve the first time-out. The world number three just showed how good she is, and a Sindhu was left gasping as Tzu-Ying played a reverse flick.

PV Sindhu 8 - 10 Tai Tzu-Ying: Sindhu's lead was soon compromised and Tzu-Ying took the lead thanks to a failed service return.

Another failure in the net. Two points lead to Tzu-Ying.

PV Sindhu 8 - 7 Tai Tzu-Ying: The Chinese Taipei girl failed to cross the shuttle, and point to Sindhu for a 6-6. Tzu-Ying then took a one point lead after Sindhu missed the line.

But the Indian girl once again won a net-play point. It was followed up by a decent smash, on Tzu-Ying's right court.

PV Sindhu 4 - 5 Tai Tzu-Ying: Two unforced errors from Sindhu allowing Tzu-Ying to gain a two-point lead. Another wide return from Sindhu, and the gap is already three.

Service over, luckily for Sindhu, as the former champion crashed her return into the net.

PV Sindhu 3 - 3 Tai Tzu-Ying: Sindhu responded with back-to-back points, with the last one coming from a long shot from her opponent. Sindhu then crashed her drop shot into the net.

PV Sindhu 1 - 2 Tai Tzu-Ying: Sindhu started the proceedings with service, and won the first point against the Chinese Taipei girl who is playing in her fifth final of the year.

Tzu-Ying won the service back, then produced a smash down the line on Sindhu's left.

11:35 IST: Minutes into the women's singles final. Players are out.

New Delhi: Indian badminton finds itself bracing up for a possible Super Sunday as PV Sindhu and Sameer Verma players their respective singles finals at the 2016 Hong Kong Open.

National champion Sameer Verma stunned World No. 3 Jan O Jorgensen of Denmark to reach his maiden Super Series final while Olympic silver medallist P V Sindhu made it to her second successive summit clash in women's singles yesterday.

It was double bonanza for India at the Hong Kong Open, the last Super Series tournament of the season, as Sameer and Sindhu dished out some superb performances.

Newly-crowned China Open champion, Sindhu, continued her rampaging run and disposed local shuttler Cheung Ngan Yi 21-14 21-16 in a 46-minute match to set up a clash with Chinese Taipei's Tai Tzu Ying, seeded fourth, to lay claim for her second super series title.

The 22-year-old Sameer, who is the younger brother of Sourabh Verma, showed tremendous athleticism and accuracy in his strokes to notch up a hard-fought 21-19 24-22 win over Denmark's Jorgensen, who had clinched the prestigious China Super Series Premier last week.

Sameer, who came into the tournament as a qualifier, will fight for the title against local favourite Ng Ka Long Angus.

Here's everything you need to know about these two matches:

PV Sindhu vs Tai Tzu Ying

Date: November 27

Time: 11:30 IST

Venue: Hong Kong Coliseum, Kowloon

TV Listing: Star Sports 4, Star Sports 4 HD

Live Streaming: Hotstar, BWF YouTube channel

Sameer Verma vs NG Ka Long Angus

Date: November 27

Time: 12.50 IST

Venue: Hong Kong Coliseum, Kowloon

TV Listing: Star Sports 4, Star Sports 4 HD

Live Streaming: Hotstar, BWF YouTube channel

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