Mahendra Singh Dhoni: Captain rules out retirement, loses his calm over persistent query

The wicketkeeper-batsman's side is the clear favorite to win the Asia Cup.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni: Captain rules out retirement, loses his calm over persistent query

New Delhi: Tired of answering never-ending questions on his retirement, India's limited overs captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni on Sunday suggested reporters not ask the same questions again and again.

Talking to media in Kolkata before leaving for Bangladesh for the inaugural Asia Cup Twenty20, the exasperated skipper said that he will continue playing for a "considerable period" of time.

"If I say something one month or 15 days back, the answer does not change. It's irrespective of where I'm asking. The answer remains the same. It's as simple as what is your name and I will say MS Dhoni.

"It will remain the same for a considerable period of time unless you give me a new format," Dhoni told reporters.

Even yesterday, he made it clear that he was not retiring from international cricket anytime soon.

A visibly perturbed Dhoni then advised the media to "judge" properly before asking all types of irrelevant questions.

"There will be questions, you send me letters or requisitions. If you have the freedom, it's not right to ask all types of questions. It's very important to judge everything as to what needs to be done, why it needs to be done. Because somebody has the platform to ask questions, it does not mean that you keep on asking the same questions. It's a world today where everything is covered by media," he implored.

Besides the 34-year-old also said that media should practice restraint, but admitted that he "cannot really stop people from asking the questions".

"Anything happens questions are raised in India. If we win the World T20 very comfortably, than questions will be asked whether we have peaked too early. If we lose the final, then we will be asked whether we will be able to take the pressure of a final.

"If we don't qualify then there will be questions whether we're good enough to handle pressure at home. I don't think I cannot really stop people from asking the questions. If better questions are raised, I will answer 100 per cent for sure," Dhoni added.

After his retirement from Test last December, Dhoni has been subjected to unwarranted, nagging questions when will he call time on cricket.

Despite a slump in his form, the wicket-keeper batsman from Ranchi led India to back-to-back Twenty20 International series wins, against Australia and Sri Lanka.

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