BCCI to axe Sunil Gavaskar from its commentators' team​: Reports​

Sources close to BCCI admitted that “The board’s rant is that the fee paid to Gavaskar ‘is astronomical. 

BCCI to axe Sunil Gavaskar from its commentators' team​: Reports​

New Delhi: If media reports are to be believed, then, Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is likely to axe former Indian skipper Sunil Gavaskar from its commentators' team.

According to a report published in The Times of India the Indian cricket board is possibly planning to end its long-time association with Gavaskar once his contract comes up for renewal in April or May.

Many have predicted that the major reason behind the step is that the board is not too happy with the exorbitant fee Gavaskar demands in his role as a full-time professional commentator.

During the India-South Africa series late last year, Gavaskar made a whopping Rs 90 lakh while two other former cricketers were paid comparatively less. Anil Kumble earned Rs 39.1 lakh for the same series while Sanjay Manjrekar got richer by Rs 36.49 lakh.

According to TOI, sources close to BCCI admitted, “The board’s rant is that the fee paid to Gavaskar ‘is astronomical’ vis-a-vis the fee for which some others are ready to commentate for the BCCI panel. While other commentators are paid anywhere between Rs 35,000 to Rs 1 lakh per day for their services, Gavaskar was reportedly paid eight times that amount for a day’s commentary.”

There is another speculation behind axing Gavaskar from the board’s commentators’ team and that is his poor relationship with the BCCI Chief, Shahshank Manhohar.