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CLT20, 1st Semi-final: Rajasthan Royals vs Chennai Super Kings - As it happened...

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Chennai Super Kings Over: 20 II Score: 137/7

Cooper to bowl a crucial 19th over. Ashwin takes the aerial route and the ball lands just in front of the fielder at long off. A single to start with. Morris collects his second boundary off the third delivery. A couple off the next and a boundary off the fourth! This one is surely going down the wire! CSK seem to have a chance now. The crowd has gone a bit quiet. A single to end the over. 14 runs from it. James Faulkner to bowl the final over of the night enduring a lot of pressure on his shoulders. He has been expensive tonight. Here we go. And a maximum to start with! Ashwin is on fire for CSK! He clears his front foot and sends it over long on fence for a six. Two runs off the next two deliveries. Oh dear! That must be hurting a lot. Shane Watson and Brad Hodge collided at covers while fielding. Hodge seems to have injured his knee. Watson was sliding after fielding and head butted Hodge straight into his knee. He needs help to hobble out of the park. Back to the game folks now and OUT! This will be the end of a brave innings from Ashwin who brought CSK back into the reckoning. This was full and Ashwin went after it. Binny accepted a simple catch at long on. Jason Holder is new man in. AND RAJASTHAN ROYALS ARE INTO THE FINAL OF THE CLT20 BEATING CHENNAI BY 14 RUNS.

Chennai Super Kings Over: 18 II Score: 123/7

Faulkner is having a bad day in the office today. Ashwin struck two consecutive boundaries off his second and third delivery – the first an improvisation – a reverse sweep while the next a drive through point. 11 runs from it. Faulkner has conceded already 28 runs in his three overs. Watson back for his final over of the night. And whattay hit from Ashwin off the second delivery! This one his massive – a skier from Ashwin as the ball lands over deep mid-wicket boundary. A couple off the next and a boundary to long on off the fourth. Ashwin isn’t going down without a fight! A couple off the penultimate delivery brings up the fifty runs partnership between the two in 32 deliveries. A single off the final takes the total from the over to 15 runs.

Chennai Super Kings Over: 16 II Score: 97/7

James Faulkner is back. Morris plays his third delivery fine for his first boundary. Nine runs in the over for CSK. Cooper continues. Ashwin smacks his third delivery over midwicket boundary for a maximum. That’s the 1000th six of CLT20. 11 runs from the over.

Chennai Super Kings Over: 14 II Score: 77/7

Tambe into his final over now. OUT! And this could be the final nail in the coffin as Raina has to walk back to the dugout after being caught by Menaria. Raina scored 29 (23b, 4X4). R Ashwin is the next man in. The crowd has gone berserk! Just three runs and a wicket from the over. Excellent stuff from the 41-year-old! Cooper is back now. Hugh Morris and R Ashwin are in the middle for CSK. Just four runs from the over. Chennai need 83 runs in 36 deliveries.

Chennai Super Kings Over: 12 II Score: 70/6

Tambe to bowl his third over. Bravo goes after his first delivery but it beats him. Two singles off the next two deliveries take the score to 61. OUT! And Tambe is turning the heat on at Sawaiman Singh Stadium! He has trapped Dwyane Bravo for his second wicket of the match. He scored 3 (5b). In comes Ravindra Jadeja to join Raina in the middle. Four runs and a wicket in the over. Watson is back with half of the CSK team back in the dugout. And OUT! Another one bites the dust! This is turning out to be a walk in the park for the home side! Jadeja has been caught by wicketkeeper Yagnik after edging Watson's sixth delivery Seven runs and a wicket in the over. Jadeja scored 2 (4b).

Chennai Super Kings Over: 10 II Score: 59/4

Tambe into his second over. OUT! And Tambe strikes! Badri charged forward and only managed an edge that went to Yagnik behind the stumps. He couldn’t collect the ball cleanly but he was lucky as the ball hit the stumps after ricocheting off his gloves. He scored 8 (10b, 4X1). MS Dhoni is the new man in the middle. Just one run and a wicket from the over. Shukla into his third over. OUT! Shukla has provided his team with a huge breakthrough in the wicket of Dhoni! He has trapped him in front as the ball strikes his back pad! Dhoni scored 3 (7b). In walks Dwayne Bravo. Chennai are in trouble now. Seven runs and a wicket in the over.

Chennai Super Kings Over: 8 II Score: 51/2

Spin in Pravin Tambe introduced. There was a loud appeal for lbw as his third delivery struck Badrinath on the pads. However, umpire wasn’t interested. Just three runs from it. Rahul Shukla to bowl his second over. The fourth delivery is short and quick. Badrinath could only glove it but got the result – a boundary to fine leg region. Seven from the over.

Chennai Super Kings Over: 6 II Score: 41/2

Watson continues. Nine runs have come in this fifth over including two boundaries to Suresh Raina – to fine leg and square leg boundary. Off the first delivery, there was a chance of a run-out as Vijay took off for a non-existent second run but Watson’s throw failed to hit the target. Kevon Cooper into the attack now. Vijay scores his second boundary off his third delivery. OUT! And as the commentator says, Vijay has finally achieved what he set out tonight – having himself run-out. He hit one from Cooper to extra cover and went for a quick single. Samson’s throw was dead straight. He scored 14 (16b, 4X2). Raina restores some confidence by hitting the final two deliveries of the over for consecutive boundaries. 12 runs from the over.

Chennai Super Kings Over: 4 II Score: 20/1

Shane Watson to bowl his first over now. OUT! And Michael Hussey is run out. It was the fifth delivery of the third over and Hussey set off for a quick single after the ball went to mid off after being deflected by Watson. Vijay didn’t move from his place and by the time Hussey turned and headed back, it was too late. He scored 9 (11b, 4X1). Suresh Raina is the new man in the middle. Three runs from the over. Rahul Shukla comes in to bowl his first over. Vijay gets a thick outside edge and gets a lucky boundary. Seven from the over.

Chennai Super Kings Over: 2 II Score: 10/0

Michael Hussey and Murali Vijay will start Chennai’s chase. Stuart Binny will bowl the first over. A good first over from Binny as he allows just two runs in it. James Faulkner to share the new ball with Binny. First boundary of the CSK innings as Faulkner bowls a no ball (height) and Hussey plays it to fine leg. Eight runs from the over.

Rajasthan Royals Over: 20 II Score: 159/8

Holder to bowl his final over. And OUT! Holder gets rid of dangerman Brad Hodge who has been castled! Hodge scored 11 (9b, 4X1). Stuart Binny is in now. He gets off the mark with a single which also takes the score to 150 runs. End of another good over. Just six runs in it. Bravo will bowl the final over. OUT! And Rahane’s well compiled innings comes to an end! He has been caught by Mohit off the first delivery. He scored 70 (56b, 4X6, 6X2). Dishant Yagnik is the new man in the middle. Bravo’s third delivery is short and Yagnik goes after it. He goes back to the dugout for a first ball duck after being caught by Holder. James Faulkner comes in to bat now. On strike is Binny and OUT! Bravo is on a hat-trick as Binny is caught by Jadeja at deep midwicket off his next. He scored 5 (5). End of an excellent over from Bravo. Three runs and a wicket in it.

Rajasthan Royals Over: 18 II Score: 149/4

Mohit is back to bowl his fourth over. His third is a low full toss which gives Hodge a chance to score his first boundary. The fine leg is up in the circle and Rahane is clever enough to guide the penultimate delivery (a slower one) from Mohit for a four. Bravo comes back. The West Indian has kept things tight in this particular over. Eight runs from it.

Rajasthan Royals Over: 16 II Score: 129/4

Dhoni has brought back Holder into the attack. A couple two start with and a boundary off the next by Watson brings up the 50-run partnership between the Australian and Rahane. Holder follows that with a clever slower one. Holder strays off his line and bowls a full toss to Watto who easily puts it away for a boundary. 12 runs from the over. Dhoni turns to Morris and boy he delivers for his captain straightway! Shane Watson attempts a biggie over midwicket but ends up being caught by Holder after getting an outside edge! A big wicket for Chennai! Watson scored 32 (23b, 4X4). He is replaced in the middle by another Australian in Brad Hodge. Rahane ends the over with a boundary to midwicket. Eight runs and a wicket in the over.

Rajasthan Royals Over: 14 II Score: 108/3

Off the first five deliveries of Bravo’s second over, came four runs. The sixth was flicked by Watson through midwicket region for a boundary. That boundary also brings up the 100 for Rajasthan. Eight runs from the over. Morris is back. The fourth delivery is bowled on Rahane’s pads and he flicks it for a boundary to reach his fifty in 41 deliveries. Six from the over.

Rajasthan Royals Over: 12 II Score: 94/3

No signs of R Ashwin yet. All-rounder Dwayne Bravo to bowl his medium pacers now. Dhoni standing up for him. Seven runs from the over including a couple off the fifth delivery and five singles. Oh! What do you know! Ashwin is now into the attack. He starts with a wide. His third delivery is short and Rahane hits it over extra cover for a maximum. A boundary off the next to deep backward point takes him to 39. A single off the fifth brings Watto to the strike. Ashwin responds with two consecutive wide deliveries. A single off the next takes the total from over to 16 runs.

Rajasthan Royals Over: 10 II Score: 71/3

Holder into his second over. Rahane hits his first delivery for a boundary over extra cover. OUT! Holder gets his first wicket in Sanju Samson who has holed out to Ashwin. He scored 11 (10, 4X1). This brings Shane Watson to the crease. Samson has thrown it away after such a good start. 10 runs and a wicket in the over. Jadeja continues. Watson smashed a boundary past Jadeja off the third delivery. Seven from the over.

Rajasthan Royals Over: 8 II Score: 54/2

Change of ends for Mohit. Just six runs from his third and innings’ seventh over. Jadeja comes back into the attack after bowling the opening over. Rajasthan collect five runs from his second over.

Rajasthan Royals Over: 6 II Score: 43/2

Sanju Samson is the new man in the middle. Morris continues. Facing him is Rahane who takes a single off his first delivery. Samson strikes his first boundary off the third delivery straight down the ground. Eight runs from the over. Jason Holder replaces Mohit. Rahane lofts his third delivery to long on for a boundary. Six runs from the over.

Rajasthan Royals Over: 4 II Score: 29/2

Chris Morris into the attack. His second is a front foot no-ball and Rajasthan get a free-hit. But Rahane is unable to make full use of it as he swings and misses. OUT! And Rajasthan lose their first wicket in Rahul Dravid who has been bowled by Morris off his fourth delivery. He scored 5 (8b, 4X1). In walks Kevon Cooper at no.3. And Cooper shows why he has been sent so early in the innings by dispatching a short one from Mohit for a six over third man. He follows that with a cracking stroke for a boundary through point. He sends the next through covers for another boundary.OUT! The sixth delivery from Mohit is a slower one and Cooper ends up hitting it straight into the hands of Badrinath at covers.

Rajasthan Royals Over: 2 II Score: 11/0

Ravindra Jadeja bowls the first over of this match. For Rajasthan Rahul Dravid and Ajinkya Rahane open the innings. The over was turning out to be a tight one before Rahane unleashed himself hitting the penultimate delivery of the over for a maximum. Seven from the first over. Mohit Sharma to bowl the second over. The first delivery is short and outside off and Dravid cuts it to deep backward region for a boundary. It turns out to be the only scoring shot of the over.

TOSS: CSK have won the toss and elected to bowl first.

The 2013 Champions League tournament is now at its business end with four teams in the fray for the coveted trophy. Today, Rajasthan Royals will host Chennai Super Kings at Sawai Mansingh Stadium - a place where they are yet to lose a game this year.

Lead by veteran Rahul Dravid, Rajasthan has a 100% record in the 2013 CLT20 tournament winning all four of their league matches en route to the semis. On the other hand, Chennai stumbled in their final game when they were humbled by Trinidad and Tobago. But before that, they were ruling the roost looking strong to clinch the title. This is the reason today’s encounter is being dubbed as the clash of the titans.


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