ICC boss Shashank Manohar wants to return share of India's revenue: BCB chief

Manohar disagreed with BCCI, ECB and Cricket Australia enjoying greater share of profits in ICC.

ICC boss Shashank Manohar wants to return share of India's revenue: BCB chief

New Delhi: Bangladesh Cricket Body (BCB) president Nazmul Hassan has reportedly said on Saturday that International Cricket Council (ICC) boss Shashank Manohar is considering the possibility of sacrificing six percent of India's 22 percent share of revenues. He also shared that Manohar had discussed the possibility at the recent ICC Board meeting in Dubai.

A report in ESPNcricinfo quoted Hassan as saying, "Mr Shashank Manohar has said he wants to give away a percentage from India's behalf. He said he will speak to his board and if he gets approval, he said he will give around 6% of the money."

The report added that the BCB president made the statement while speaking to TV reporters in Bangladesh, but did not respond to their calls for comments. 

"Shashank Manohar is a logical man. He thought that if India gives away 6%, it would help those countries below them. But first he has to get this approved by the board," Hassan added.

After he became the BCCI president and, by extension, the ICC chairman, Manohar said in a personal capacity, disagreeing with the constitutional revamp carried out in 2014 in controversial circumstances which allowed the BCCI, the ECB and Cricket Australia a greater share of profits in the ICC and more authority.

"I do not agree with the Big three countries bullying the ICC," Manohar had said upon returning from Dubai after his first visit to the ICC headquarters in November.

"Because it is nice to say that India (BCCI) will get 22 percent of the total revenue of the ICC but you cannot make the poor poorer and the rich richer, only because you have the clout. The ICC runs cricket throughout the world," he had said.