ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: Zimbabwe vs UAE - As it happened...

Zimbabwe have warned they will show no mercy against cricket minnows the United Arab Emirates in their World Cup match in Nelson on today, with captain Elton Chigumbura promising a "ruthless" approach.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: Zimbabwe vs UAE - As it happened...

Nelson: Zimbabwe defeated UAE by 4 wickets in the 8th match of the ICC World Cup 2015 played Saxton Oval, Nelson.



After returning to the World Cup since 1996, UAE were brilliant with the bat where most of their batsmen made significant contributions as a result of which they posted their highest total in ODIs against a Test playing nation. However, their bowling wasn't as good and a magnificent innings from Sean Williams – 76 from 65 balls – ruined their plans.

However, it was a good match as some fight from UAE made sure it wasn't a boring, lob-sided contest.

Zimbabwe innings:

Over 48 | Score 286/6

Naveed has been brought into the attack. Williams worked the first ball towards mid-off for a single. Chigumbura pushed the second ball towards wide of long-on for another single. Naveed bowled a quick short ball, Williams pulled it and luckily for him, it fell short, two runs scored. Naveed followed it with another short ball, Williams went for the pull and it went all the way over the fielder at short fine leg for a boundary. Naveed's fifth ball was short again and Williams handsomely pulled it through deep midwicket for another boundary. Naveed ended the over with a half-volley, Williams showed the full face of the willow and the ball travelled straight down the ground for a boundary which would be the winning runs for Zimbabwe! What a knock from Sean Williams. He has not played a single risky shot today and there was class written over most of his strokes! Zimbabwe win by 4 wickets!

Sean Williams 76* (65b) Elton Chigumbura 14* (15b)

Over 47 | Score 270/6

Krishna to continue. Williams hit the first ball towards short fine leg and there was no chance for a single as the ball travelled quickly. Williams timed the second ball over the bowler for a couple of runs. Williams took a single off the third ball. Fourth delivery was short of length and Chigumbura hit it straight to short midwicket for no run. Krishna once again offered width off the fifth ball and Chigumbura once again slapped it past point for a boundary. Krishna bowled a dot ball to end the over. Seven from the over. 16 needed from 18 now.

Over 46 | Score 263/6

Javed to continue. Chigumbura defended the first ball and Williams rushed for a quick single. Willliams drove the second ball towards long-off for another single. Chigumbura turned the third ball towards the leg side for another single. Williams once again worked the fourth ball towards long-off for another single. Javed bowled a yorker and Chigumbura hit it towards short midwicket where good fielding saved another single. Chigumbura was offered the slightest off width off the last ball and he played a cut shot past point for a much-needed boundary. 23 needed off 24.

Over 45 | Score 255/6

Krishna to continue. Four from the over. 31 needed from 30. This match could witness a close finish.

Over 44 | Score 251/6

Javed to bowl his 8th over. Just one from the over. Ervine's wicket has brought the pressure back on Zimbabwe. 35 needed from 36 now.

Over 43 | Score 250/6

Krishna to bowl his seventh over. Ervine was once again offered width off the third ball and he hit it over point for another boundary. After leaking plenty of runs, Krishna finally picked a wicket as he caught Ervine's catch off his own bowling. Ervine was looking to turn the ball on the leg side, didn't pick the slower one and returned an easy catch to the bowler. Some respite for UAE, as the wicket also ended the 83-run stand for the sixth wicket. Elton Chigumbura is the new man in. 36 needed from 42 balls.

CR Ervine c & b Krishna Chandran 42 (32b)

Over 42 | Score 241/5

Javed to bowl his 8th over. Just two runs off the over. 45 needed from 48.

Over 41 | Score 239/5

Mohammad Naveed has been brought back into the attack. Second ball was short and Ervine once again played a handsome pull shot past deep midwicket for a boundary. Williams hit another powerful stroke off the fourth ball and a misfield at mid-on resulted into another boundary with which Williams also reached his half-century off 42 balls. 17 came off that over! UAE under tremendous pressure now.

Over 40 | Score 222/5

Rohan Mustafa has been brought into the attack. It was proving to be a decent over but then Ervine was offered some width off the last ball and he hit it between covers and mid-off for a boundary. 8 from the over. 64 needed from 60.

Over 39 | Score 214/5

Krishna to continue. Second ball was pitched short and Ervine clobbered it over deep midwicket for a Six! Fourth ball was a length delivery and on that occasion Williams hit over deep midwicket for another Six! 14 runs from the over. Zimbabwe now need 72 off 66 balls. UAE need their premier bowlers back in action.

Over 38 | Score 200/5

Williams charged down the wicket off the third ball and hit it over midwicket for a boundary. Nine off the over. 86 needed off 72 balls now.

Over 37 | Score 191/5

Ervine eased off some pressure as he smashed a six over deep square leg off Krishna's bowling. 14 runs have been scored in the last two overs and Zimbabwe now need 95 runs off the last 13 overs.

Over 35 | Score 177/5

Sean Williams and Craig Ervine have adopted a cautious approach for the time being, dealing mostly in singles as Zimbabwe cannot afford to lose any more wickets for the next six to seven overs. UAE bowlers on the other hand have continued to bowl with a tight line and length. UAE need to have that belief that they can win this match.

Over 32 | Score 167/4

Even though Zimbabwe have scored 10 runs in the last two overs, 4 came off leg byes and no boundaries scored. UAE bowlers aren't giving them much room to free their arms. Zimbabwe now need 119 runs off 18 overs and this could be a very close match.

Over 30 | Score 157/4

Nasir Aziz got a major breakthrough for Zimbabwe when he picked the wicket of Brendan Taylor. Taylor missed out on a sweep shot, the ball hit him on the pads and even though he reviewed the decision, it couldn't extend his stay at the wicket. Solomon Mire is the new batsman at the crease. Zimbabwe still need 129 runs to win off the last 20 overs.

BRM Taylor lbw b Nasir Aziz 47 (44b)

Over 25 | Score 126/3

After playing a slow innings, Chakabva was out in the most unfortunate manner as he was hit wicket. Chakabva was looking to play the ball on the leg side and he slipped while doing so and lost his wicket. The 27 dot balls he played has created a lot of pressure on Zimbabwe. Brendan Taylor is batting on 30 off 32 balls and the onus is now on him to get Zimbabwe close to the chase. Sean Williams is the new batsman at the wicket.

RW Chakabva hit wicket b Mohammad Tauqir 35 (62b)

Over 20 | Score 98/2

UAE picked a big wicket of Maskadza who was caught plumb in front of the wicket by Amjad Javed. Brendan Taylor was the next man in. Regis Chakabva, who opened the innings has consumed too many balls which has put his side under pressure. He needs to take some pressure off Taylor with some boundaries. 26 runs scored in the last five overs.

H Masakadza lbw b Amjad Javed 1 (4b)

Over 15 | Score 72/1

UAE skipper Mohammad Tauqir picked the much-needed wicket for his team in form of Sikandar Raza who played a cut shot straight into the hands of the fielder at point. Hamilton Masakadza is the next man in. 27 runs scored in the last five overs.

Sikandar Raza c Krishna Chandran b Mohammad Tauqir 46 (44b)

Over 10 | Score 55/0

After creating pressure in the first five overs, the UAE seamers bowled enough loose deliveries to allow Zimbabwe openers to free their arms and get back into rhythm. Sikandar Raza, in particular, has been the aggressor and has scored 40 off just 37 balls. UAE need some quick wickets to get back into the game.

Over 5 | Score 14/0

After putting a good show with the bat, UAE seamers Mohammad Naveed and Ahmed Javed have started off extremely well with the new ball. Zimbabwe openers are under pressure against some quality seam bowling.

UAE innings:

Over 50 | Score 285/7

Mohammad Naveed and Ahmed Javed played some big hits in the death overs which took UAE to a formidable score of 285. In the penultimate over of the inninngs, Javed showcased his big hitting skills and collected 20 runs from the over. These two added 51 runs in the last five overs and stitched 53 runs within no time. Zimbabwe looked very casual in the last ten overs.

Mohammed Naveed 23* (17b), Ahmed Javed 25* (19b)

Over 45 | Score 234/7

Shaiman Anwar's magnificent innings came to an end when he mistimed a pull shot straight to the fielder at mid-on. Williams pitched one short to Anwar, who under the pressure of scoring big shots, tried one and perished. Earlier, Zimbabwe scalped two more wickets of Swapnil Patil and Rohan Mustafa.

Shaiman Anwar c Ervine b Williams 67 (50b)

Rohan Mustafa c Taylor b Chatara 4 (6b)

SP Patil c Chakabva b Williams 32 (38b)

Over 40 | Score 204/4

Swapnil Patil and Shaiman Anwar have stepped up the gas in the last five overs where they added 48 runs. Anwar has been the aggressor as he reached his half-century off just 38 balls in the 40th over of the innings. Zimbabwe are leaking plenty of runs and UAE are looking all set to reach a respectable score. This partnership is now worth 70 runs.

Over 35 | Score 156/4

Soon after the wicket of Krishna, Zimbabwe picked the most crucial wicket, in form of Khurram Khan who was caught brilliantly at gully. Chatara offered some room to the left-hander, who went for the cut, the ball was rushing past Williams at point, but he dived to his right and took an excellent catch. Shaiman Anwar is the next man in. 22 runs scored in the last 5 overs.

Khurram Khan c Williams b Chatara 45 (55b)

Over 30 | Score 134/3

Mire got the much-needed breakthrough for Zimbabwe when he dismissed Krishna in the 28th over of the innings. Krishna charged down the track and gave an easy catch towards mid-off. The wicket also ended the 82-run stand for the third wicket between him and Khurram Khan. Swapnil Patil is the new man in.

Krishna Chandran c Chigumbura b Mire 34 (63b)

Over 25 | Score 109/2

Zimbabwe are struggling to find their third breakthrough as Khurram and Krishna have added 69 runs so far. Khurram is trying to keep the scoreboard ticking with all sorts of shots.

Over 20 | Score 92/2

Khurram Khan and Krishna Chandran have provided UAE the much-needed partnership to stabilise the innings. The partnership continues to hurt Zimbabwe and these two have now added 51 runs for the third-wicket partnership. The duo has shown positive intent and they are looking to punish anything which is loose.

Over 17 | Score 81/1

Khurram Khan continues to keep the scoreboard moving for UAE. This partnership is now worth 41 runs. Khurram Khan might be 43 years in age, but it is difficult to gauge that from the wonderful strokes he has played so far.

Over 13 | Score 60/1

Berenger too, finally ran out of luck and was dismissed by Mire in the 11th over of the innings. Mire pitched a short delivery and Berenger was in two minds and edged it into the hands of Taylor behind the stumps. Khurram was the next batsman in. Being the most experienced campaigner in the team, Khurram accelerated the pace of the innings with a flurry of boundaries. UAE have scored 26 runs in the last three overs. UAE would want Khurram to score a big knock here and get their side to a respectable score.

AR Berenger c Taylor b Mire 22 (36b)

Over 10 | Score 34/1

The runs have dried up for Zimbabwe. Just four runs have been scored in the last three overs. 

Over 7 | Score 30/1

UAE ran out of luck in the sixth over of the innings where they lost their first wicket in Amjad Ali who was caught in the slip cordon by Ervine. The first wicket partnership lasted for 26 runs. Krishna Chandran is the next man in.

Amjad Ali c Ervine b Chatara 7 (17b)

Over 4 | Score 19/1

Zimbabwe missed an opportunity in the second over of the innings where Brendan Taylor dropped the catch of Andri Berenger behind the wicket. Berenger got another life when Taylor took the catch in the fourth over off Chatara's bowling but it was off a no-ball. He made full use of the free-hit and smashed it for a boundary. Zimbabwe have been very unlucky today so far.

TOSS: Zimbabwe won the toss and decided to bat first.

The Pool B match statistics are heavily lop-sided in favour of Zimbabwe, seeking a commanding win as they bid to bounce back from their opening loss to South Africa.

Zimbabwe put up a credible showing in parts during their tournament opener against South Africa.

They had their border rivals struggling at 83 for four before century-makers David Miller and JP Duminy mounted a 256-run rescue mission to lift the Proteas to 339.

In reply, Zimbabwe reached 191 for two before they lost their last eight wickets for just 86 runs.

On paper, an established cricket nation such as the 10th-ranked Zimbabwe should be far too powerful for UAE who scrapped into the World Cup as one of the final two qualifiers along with Scotland.

Zimbabwe`s aim in the build-up to Thursday`s match has been to correct problem areas that surfaced against South Africa.

Zimbabwe are seen to be in a three-way battle with Ireland and the West Indies for the fourth quarter-final spot in a pool which also includes South Africa, defending champions India and Pakistan.

Ireland have already struck the first blow with their upset win over the West Indies on Monday and Zimbabwe know they cannot afford to slip-up against any of the minor teams or their chance to make the knockout phase could be over.

Saxton Oval, with its short boundaries, offers the potential for a high-scoring game.

Chigumbura is expecting big totals from his top order and not just Hamilton Masakadza who impressed with 80 against South Africa followed an unbeaten 117 against Sri Lanka in a warm-up match.

United Arab Emirates Squad

Amjad Ali, Andri Berenger, Krishnachandran Karate, Khurram Khan, Swapnil Patil, Shaiman Anwar, Rohan Mustafa, Mohammad Naveed, Amjad Javed, Saqlain Haider, Mohammad Tauqir, Nasir Aziz, Manjula Guruge, Fahad Alhashmi, Kamran Shazad

Zimbabwe Squad

Chamu Chibhabha, Sikandar Raza, Hamilton Masakadza, Brendan Taylor, Sean Williams, Craig Ervine, Elton Chigumbura, Solomon Mire, Tinashe Panyangara, Tendai Chatara, Tafadzwa Kamungozi, Regis Chakabva, Prosper Utseya, Tawanda Mupariwa, Stuart Matsikenyeri

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